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    "App" icon in dock (far right icon)


      Is there anyway to replace this icon on my phone with another icon, or is this icon parked and can't be moved?  I am able to move/replace the other 3 icons in the dock to the left of the App one but not the App one itself.


      I'm new to Samsung so I just want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong.



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          First of all, I would like to ask you how you managed to change or move the dock icons.  I would definitely like to do that trick myself.


          Secondly, if I could, I would not want to remove the "App" icon and neither should you.  At present, that icon is the only way I know of to access the screens which display "All Apps."  Without it, how would you get there?  Sure, maybe you could find a way to put that icon somewhere else, but if that's mistakenly deleted??  You might find yourself in a world of difficulty to undo that problem.


          If you could add the App icon to the menu from the home screen, then that would be okay I guess.


          Anyway, back to my original question, how did you change the first three icons???

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            Okay, nevermind... I just figured it out... but still, you can't and shouldn't change the Home/Apps button toggle because that's the way to switch between the two modes.  Without that way, you would be pretty much stuck.

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              My idea behind the complain is that it shouldn't be forced on the dock only, we should be given the option of placing it on one of the home screens.  Getting back to a home screen from the App drawer is as simple as hitting the home icon on the phone, why do you need a permanent icon in the dock?  It's not needed or at the very least we should have a choice.

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                how do you change the first 3 ?

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                  Click the "Apps" button to switch to the "all apps" view.  Then click the menu button and press "Edit."


                  You can then change out the dock items (three of them anyway).  You might wish, for example, to put the camera or the music player there.


                  Personally, the ones that are there are the ones I want to be there.  I did, however, want to change the order.

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                    If nothing else keeping both the phone icon and the contacts icon in the doc is redundant, since you can get to contacts through the dialer app.


                    If you really want to put more apps on the doc and relegate the app drawer to an icon on the homescreen, I'd suggest ADW EX. It's a homescreen replacement that replaces the TouchWiz launcher. It allows you to select up to five doc icons and you can put an app drawer icon on the homescreen (by holding on the homescreen and selecting Launcher Actions). It's also got tons of other customizations and themes.

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                      erroneus thanks that worked