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    Baaaaaad Phone!!

      Hi, I have a Nokia E73 , I have had nothing but trouble with it, freezes up, multi media messages get duplicated, looses signal,,I hate this phone!!

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          I was really looking into getting one myself so I can send/receive large mms (Branded T-Mobile)

          and for the battery life. Many people like the E73 and have no problems, maybe not

          I'm surprised though, you have problems with signal reception as the E71,E72 and E73

          are praised for their superior reception.

          (One of the few phones, of any brand, that have dual antennas)

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            I have not had similar problems, but this phone is probably not for you if you can't handle the complications of Symbian.  I would get you a nice Android phone... much more intuitive. 

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              My wife has an e73 - got it for the sound quality and keyboard. But it drops calls frequently, particularly when using wifi. It also freezes up periodically.


              Has there been any fixes or other solutions for this? Finding a replacement that uses wifi & has a physical keyboard that is not a full-blown smartphone is not easy.

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                @warpiz FWIW my e73 also drops calls when using wifi - uma. No issues with dropping calls when using the network though. It does however freeze when I am using Nokia maps and incoming calls comes.

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                  My E73 wouldn't place 911 call, lucky nobody was hurt in the accident.  It appears that this phone sometimes does this and the caller needs to hit the send buton more than once per the customer service girl that transfered me to a closed technical department.  Really thinking AT&T and an I phone since my wife is expecting and a 911 call is very possible in the future.  Been w/T-mobile since long before they were T-mobile, very very not happy with the dangerous surprise and the p*ss poor customer service.

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                    I used an E72 before buying the E73 and it was great. The owner was very happy with his phone. Based on that I bought the E73.


                    What a disaster and now, T-Mobile wash their hands of the device.

                    The most insulting thing besides being ripped by T-Mobile, was that when I phoned for tech support, T-Mobile tried to sell me device insurance since I had had the phone for more than 3 months.


                    That is called running a scam on your customers IMO.