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    So Youre Going To Blame Your Reading Disability On My Typing? What Made It So Bad Was You Copied & Pasted What I Originally Posted, Then Ran Off At The Mouth. LOL. Here's A Valid Suggestion: Read Everything Carefully, Understand It, THINK FIRST, Then Respond. I Gaurantee Things Will Be Better For You.


    The Funny Thing Is, I Didn't Cause Any Drama. I Just Posted 3 Threads In A Way Many Are Not Use To. The Drama Has Come From Negativity From You & A Few Others About The Way I Type. Feel Free To Tell On Me Like Elementary Kids Do On Each Other. With That Being Said, I'm Over This. Get Over It & Have A Blessed Evening.

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    Dude, people are just trying to help you, no need to get all bent out of shape.  Your posts are terribly hard to read, because they don't use proper grammar.


    iF i typ3 liKE thIs c4n u read it ANY beTter?

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    Thanks To Everyone Who Stayed On The Subject (Android 4.0) & Answered My Question. I Appreciate It. Have A Blessed Day.

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    This thread wasn't very informative, but the discussion about k_lorrell's annoying typing style was entertaining. I read through the thread about "Email Sync" but found no explanation, only the statement that they have been doing it for 4 years, and now its a compulsive behavior. I'm still curious as to what prompted such a contrary habit. I agree with everyone else that has chimed in, that it is "terribly hard to read". gniyonna sa tsuj tub ,elbadaer si sdrawkcab gnipyT.


    Here's a sobering note on the future/present of the Amaze:



    According to other sources, this does not affect the "18 month of updates" promise. We should still be able to enjoy a few more updates, including ICS.

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    Me Typing The Way I Do Is No Longer & Should've Never Been Important Or A Concern To Anyone. It's Not Backwards, In Arabic, Or Any Other Foreign Language. Thanks For The Link Though. That's Some Interesting Information. Have A Blessed Day.

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    Is at least readable. But normally we don't capitalize every word.

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    Oh great, I was hoping to find more info about ICS release for the Amaze in this post, but it's all about Capitalization.  LOL

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