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    dragon dictation punctuation

      Dragon Dictation is having a problem with puctuation. It started some time before Dec 2011 but I waited for the OS upgrade to see if the problem went away. It hasn't.


      Here's the problem. I use it to text, and when I say "comma" or "question mark" or any punctuation, a space is inserted before and after the mark. For example - "Hey , where are you ? "


      This used to work beautifully, only inserting spaces after punctuation marks but now I have to edit every message I send. I tried getting support from the folks at Nuance (since Dragon Dictation is their product) but they told me it was a Genius Button issue and I'd have to get support from T-Mobile.


      So, T-Mobile, I could use some support. I'd really like this to work properly again.

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