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    Just purcahsed a Samsung Galaxy S2... What do I do?


      I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S2 from the on-line T-Mobile store. This will be my first venture into the Smartphone market. I  have made calls on my wifes I - Phone 4 but that is the extent of my smartphone knowledge. From what I read this is one of if not the best phone on the market today. What can I do with it? What are apps? Why and / or which are the best to get. How much do they cost? Are there certain ones that I should get immediately? I know that you can watch tv shows, how do you purchase those? Are there free tv stations? Can I get Netflix and hook up my phone to my HD tv with an HDMI input? I guess I need a full education in what these phones can do. I am to receive the new phone on Thursday so I am trying to get at least a little familiar with what I am getting into. Any ideas, reviews, tricks, and comments would be greatly appreciated


      Thank you!

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          When you get the phone click the little green shopping bag icon that says market. Then enjoy! Theres thousands of apps, and in my opinion way more are free compared to iphone store apps. I cant remember all your questions, but u can get netflix. I have an app called twonky that can connect to an xbox and share pics, songs etc. Wirelessly.

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            Thanks for the info! It sounds like a whole new world is on the horizon for me. I may be getting an XBOX 360 Elite at auction. I have not had a gaming console since the old Nintendo console back in the 80s I think. I don't know what I can do with that either. This phone will sync up with that wirelessly correct? What will that do for me?

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              The thing with the apps -- If you can dream it, there's probably an app for it.


              Some of my favorite apps:

                B&N Nook (I got this before I bought my Nook...  Now I read when in a pinch on the tiny screen)

                Fancy Widgets (I think this one is paid?  It has some cool clock weather widgets)

                Flashlight (great in a pinch.. especially looking in the mailbox where I've seen spiders before)

                Foursquare (kinda addicted... calming down... social netowrking site)

                Google Sky Map (Just really cool)

                Hanging Free (Hanging with Friends -- hangman with.. well.. friends)

                Jump Desktop (Being able to access Remote Desktop to work in an emergency... priceless)

                Keyring (No longer keep those discount cards in your wallet or key chain)

                Lose It!  (Yeah... I'm fat.. I'm trying to work on it.)

                Mint.com (Keep track of my finances)

                Speedx 3D FREE (One of the coolest games I've seen... I want a pair of 3D glasses)

                SMS Backup (THE BEST app out there to make sure all my SMS messages get backed up)

                Scoutmob (What can I say -- I like discounts.. like the free chocolate covered bacon on a stick!)

                Subsonic (Requires install at home... but access music library from anywhere)

                ShopSavvy (Awesome if you're price shopping on things)

                Words Free (Words with Friends... think Scrabble)

                Google Voice (There's threads on this.  I can't say enough awesome things about this.  Replacement for your Voicemail... and if you get a full account, you can text from it and do call forwarding and a ton of other features)

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                Thank you for the info. I will check out those apps. My new phone will be here tommorow. I doubt I will get much work done outside of trying to figure the thng out. It may be smarter than I am! LOL

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                  I would suggest spending some time doing google searches for Android tutorials. There's tons of good info out there, and I would be shocked if there weren't videos on YouTube about how to set up your homescreens, what widgets are, how to use the Android Market, stuff like that. You can find stuff on the GS2 in particular, but a lot of the basic Android functions are fairly universal.

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                    if you don't have a gmail account, set it up now.  Even if you don't use gmail, remember your ID and PW.  also, set up an alternate email in gmail so if you forget your pw it can be sent to another email account.


                    When you get the phone, you can enter the gmail account and you wont be under pressure to create an id/pw when you just want to play with the phone

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                      These are my tips after using Android for the last 2.5 years.


                      I'd suggest you try to use as many native applications as possible before going into market and looking for apps.  If you don't have a need for something, why go into Market?  Google Voice is about the only exception.


                      Load as few apps as possible.  If you don't use an app every day, don't keep it loaded on your phone.  If you need an app one time, load it from Market, use it, then unload it.  The more apps you have on your phone, the more likely you are to have problems.  As an example, if you want to assign ringtones to groups of contacts, load Group Ringtones app, assign your ringtones, then uninstall untill you want to change the group's ringtones again.


                      Contacts are what make a smart phone smart.  Invest some time in getting your contacts in order via Google Contacts.  With Google Contacts, your contacts are available to you on your phone and PC, and can be used for email, texting, calendar, etc.  Don't use SIM, Phone, or T-Mobile-based contacts.  If you lose your phone, or it is damaged or stolen, you lose your contacts.  If you change carriers, your T-Mo contacts aren't going to help you.  See?  Use cloud-based contacts like Google Contacts and they will always be with you.  You can also integrate your Google Contacts with FaceBook contacts, but it may take some time to sort it out properly for you.  If you use Google Contacts, enter your names as John Smith.  On your phone, you can choose to display and sort by last name.  I use prefixes like John zw_Smith to keep all of my work contacts grouped together.  Invest some time now getting your contacts right and they are easy to maintin for years to come. 


                      You have seven pages to put shortcuts and widgets and stuff.  Don't use them.  Put all of the shortcuts you use everyday on the first page, the home page.  If you have to swipe to a second or third page, you are wasting time and effort.  After 2.5 years, I still only have one screen.  Six are completely vacant.


                      Widgets, for the most part, are just eye candy.  Do you need a clock widget?  When you wake the screen there is a clock, and the time is in the notification bar.  Weather widget?  Really?  Look outside.  They consume a lot of power if they are set to update.


                      Google Voice rules.  If you are using the phone's default voice mail or Visual Voicemail, you are missing out.  Read about it.  It's your voice mail, so manage it on your phone, PC, and take it with you if you leave T-Mo.  It works over WiFi, unlike Visual Voicemail.


                      SwiftKey is the keyboard replacement I use.


                      That's it.

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                        Like someone said before. click of the market app and enjoy. What you have is a internet based pocket computer that can make phone calls. I got so hooked on games and stuff I had to also buy a galaxy tablet 10 so I wouldnt go blind. I get email on my phone, and if I am going to that place I click on it and it shows me how to get there. it shows some people near me I might like to call. if I get hungry or thirsty I just ask it where the closese fod or drink is. when a movie come out, I can find out the nears place to see it, info and clips on the movie and would I need tickets to it and when. a app is a software program for your phone. android phones run linux programs. once you get used to a smart phone you will love it. you will want to carry it everywhere.

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                          Thanks for the info. I will look around and see what I can find. Are there any you recommend over another?





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                            Awesome information. Thank you very much. It look like this is going to be a new world for me. I get the new phone tommorow. I am sure I will have more questions for y'all!





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                              Just a few of my (additional) personal recommendations to help you get started:


                              PULSE - If you're interested in news of any kind, this is the best app to organize them all in a brilliantly-designed User Interface.  Google Currents does relatively the same thing but I like pulse better.


                              AMAZON KINDLE app for reading books - basically this one app can do just about anything a kindle can do.


                              BARCODE SCANNER is very useful for scanning barcodes for movie collection apps or shopping comparison apps.


                              SHAZAM lets you use your phone to listen to a song that's playing and it will tell you who the artist is and what song it is.  It's truly incredible.


                              NETFLIX is great if you're a netflix member; not much definition needed here.


                              GOOGLE MUSIC is Google's itunes, and it's awesome.  Let's you connect and stream all your music from "the cloud."


                              and as smply said, FLASHLIGHT is great to have in a pinch.  It uses your camera LED and it's fantastic.


                              As far as games go, there are SO many it's best to just go by reviews and try them out on a free trial basis to see if any of them are worth the $$$.

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                                I prefer NOOK over AMAZON KINDLE


                                But, I guess that's because my Nook will read epub files and I was informed a Kindle will not   So, I went with the B&N platform.  Plus, no ads


                                So, I guess if the OP wants to read books, a decision of which platform to use will have to happen

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                                  Fair enough!  I've gotten e-pub files to open on the kindle app on my computer (although formatting can be horrendous), and once they're in my library I can open them on my phone.  The Kindle app will also open pdfs, which is nice, but I'm probably just more partial to Amazon for no reason in particular...

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                                    Thank you again. I really look forward to getting this thing. It may be smarter than I am though!

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