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    pictures duplicating

      Hello, I have the samsung Galaxy S (it's only 3g, I don't believe it's a 4G phone)
      Everytime I plug it into my computer, my pictures duplicate.
      So if I plug it in once, I'll have 2 of every photo.

      Plug it in twice, I'll have 3 of every photo, and so on and so forth.
      Contacted t-mobile, they didn't have a clue.




      Switched micro-sd cards, and it started me off with 1 of every photo again.

      (previous SD card had about 5 of every picture)
      plug it into my computer again, and it begins the duplication process again.
      If I try and delete pictures off of my phone, (the duplicated ones only, i have another folder of pictures thats not getting duplicated, but 2 of my picture folders are), it stays on the "deleting" screen, with the circle hour glass going around.  I can leave it on this screen all night, and wake up to see it either shut off on me, or is still trying to delete that one single photo.


      If I plug the phone into my computer (though this duplicates my pictures again) i can browse through all the files on my micro-sd as well as my phones internal storage.
      There are no copies of the pictures anywhere on my phone in any folder anywhere.  Only one of each.
      Yet as soon as I disconnect it from my computer, I have all those new pictures again.


      Now I could always delete all the pictures off my phone, but I'd like to keep them, so I was hoping for a better solution.
      Ironically some of my videos are in the same picture folder, and those do not duplicate.



      Here's hoping someone can help me.  <3

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          Ok, I have been able to figure out these are ghost images of sorts.
          So instead of being copies, as they don't exist anywhere in the folder, if I access the folder from my computer, so I tried something.


          I deleted one picture off the phone (I must have managed to click on the original picture, otherwise it would have frozen on a "deleting screen" until I shut the phone off).  Now when I rebooted the phone, instead of having 5 images of that one picture that I deleted.  I have 4 images but all the images are broken and display no picture at all.

          No clue how to solve this, I'm hoping to avoid hard resetting the phone.

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            Hey squeezit!


            I'm sorry you're having problems with pictures being duplicated on your device.  Especially since the pictures don't even exist and cannot be deleted. 


            The first thing I'd like to see is if the problem is with the memory card.  To test this, remove the memory card from your device and access your Gallery.  Are the duplicate pictures still there?  If not, most likely the memory card has been corrupted and should be re-formatted.  You'll need to backup all the information on the memory card to the computer then follow the steps in How to format the SD card for Android.


            If the issue is not with the media card, the next thing I'd investigate is a software glitch.  The first thing we can do is clear out the data stored in the Gallery program.  Use the Clear cache and clear data in any application - Android document and follow the steps for Android 2.2 / 2.3 / 3.0.


            If that doesn't fix the issue, then the next step would be a master reset and testing without any applications installed from the Market.


            Let me know if this helps!


            - Ian