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    my device does not work (cannot make/receive calls and messages)



      This was on my wife's phone.  She was able to make/receive calls and texts as of 9:30am EST.  Since then, nothing.  She phoned tech support, but told her they will get to her within 72 hours, after turning off and on her HTC Wildfire.

      Anything that she can do in the meantime to figure it out herself?

      Any suggestions will be appreciated.

      Thank you!!

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          Not sure what's been attempted but here goes...


          Try removing the battery for a minute and placing it back in  (or rebooting the device).


          Do you get any error messages when trying those activities? If so can you provide specifics?

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            My wife was saying that at work, there was no signal (no bars showing on the main screen).  She has had this phone for about one month, and there was no loss of signal (this issue) until yesterday.  Calls and texts could not be received or sent.  She phoned tech support and told her to power down and up, take out the battery and the sim card.  She did that, but the signal bar was not there on the main screen.  She asked IT people from her work place (non tmobile staff) for advice, but their inputs did not work (whatever they may have been).


            So, she came home dismayed, and I "played" around with the settings by turning on and off the wifi setting, the phone's wireless setting, and doing, again, what the tmobile tech person told her to do.  After that, it was apparent that the signal bar was not there on my wife's device despite my phone and my son's phone both had the strong signal bars (we have a family plan).  I am not done yet nor did I give up.


            I tried both texting her and phoning her but did not work.  I tried texting and phoning (from my wife's device) to my phone and that still did not work.  So I tried wifi calling.  I turned on the wifi and enabled wifi calling, and was surprised to find out that on my wife's phone she was able to make and receive calls, and send and receive texts (to my phone).  After about 30 minutes of "playing around" by turning on and off the wifi, and enabling wifi calling, the signal bar suddenly appeared.  Immediately, without wifi and disabling wifi calling, my wife's device was able to make and receive calls, and then send and receive texts. Then, after about 10 minutes of seeing the bar, it disappeared.  So, her device was back to the state when I started this thread.  So, I basically did what I did previously which I perceived helped getting the signal bar back, and the signal bar appeared again. I tested it and things were working properly.


            At this moment, everything is back to "normal".  She has signal bars and she has been liberated.

            What gives?  A phone with an attitude?  It must be a software/hardware issue NOT tmobile's network?

            She has her fingers crossed.


            Thanks for your concern.

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              Hi you could try switching your phone off  .  Take out your battery then your Sim card  . Wipe your sim with a soft dry tissue . Replace everything  then switch on again  . The phone may reset  itself  . I have a different phone  , for some reason twice in a year  it has show  phone not registered  which it has  . I topped up my credit the previous  month . I took out  my battery  , then  Sim  wiped  it  . Replaced everything  , switched it back on  since then it has been perfect  .