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    Phone Freezes, Back of Phone and Battery are very warm...

      So I'm almost ready to buy a new phone unlocked from a 3rd party source. For someone on a budget with a significant other, T-Mobile works great for me as far as service and plans. However the phones are so-so.


      I purchased the Sidekick 4G in June 2011, and have been having the same problem over and over again. The phone will randomly black screen, and will do a vibration pattern of 3 short vibrations followed by a pause and 1 short vibration and a long pause, then it loops again. Sometimes I won't even notice that this happens because I'll be at work or at school and can't really feel the phone vibrating in my pocket.


      When I pull the phone out, I feel the back of the phone and battery are much warmer than usual. While I don't think it's a fire hazard, I sure would like a phone that works properly. I usually just pull out the battery and put it back in, start the phone up and it works just fine. Also I've had issues where core components/applications crash on me, such as the phone and camera applications.


      The same thing happened to my girlfriend with her Sidekick, except it was on the side of a road in a rural area by herself with a flat tire. She had no idea how to fix what was going on, panicked as per usual, and managed to flag down another car and asked the driver to use his phone. When she got home she demanded that I replace the phone right away, because who knows when an emergency will happen and the phone won't function properly.


      So I proceeded to contact T-Mobile support, and they gave me the old textbook approach. So they told me to clear my phone cache, which I did for both phones, and now have an app which does it for me. The problems still occured after all that, to which I contact T-Mobile support again. They gave me the empathy approach the next time by telling me that they know the phone has issues, but they can't do anything about it until Samsung does something about it.


      So I guess what I'm asking my fellow T-Mobile customers and Sidekick 4G owners is, should I just buy a new phone? Or should I wait for some kind of grand update to mysteriously appear in the near future?



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          Id just buy another phone, her saftey is important. Just a week ago during a winter storm a woman slid off the road, when she flagged down a passing motorist for help the person assulted her.

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            Sorry, totally misread that. I doubt Id buy a new one for myself.

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              We've had two "grand" updates supposedly to fix the memory problems this phone has, neither of which succeeded completely. I hate to say it, but we're nearing the end of this phone's support lifespan. Everyone's waiting for the big update to Gingerbread, which we may still get, but I'm not holding my breath for it to even work if we get it.


              I'll keep my SK for now, but I'm probably going to pay full price for a new phone. Because I got locked into a 2 year with my final upgrade. With a buggy phone. Nice, huh?

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                Hi nickyveee,

                     I know you may have gone through a lot with technical support already. You can check out Device is slow / freezes / restarts / or displays memory errors: Android, this should help with the screen issue, and the crashing. Hopefully there you can find additional steps to take.

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                  Thanks for all the responses folks.


                  My girlfriend got my old Nokia phone, may not have the coolest games on it, but at least it doesn't freeze. She has an iPod touch anyways, so she can use that for angry birds and whatnot. I admit that I was a bit worried when she told me she was calling from a stranger's phone, but she returned safely and virtually unharmed minus the shake up and frustration.


                  I'll probably follow suit with a new phone (or phones) once I get any sort of bonus or pay raise from work. And I guess I learned my lesson, a cheap phone is never a good phone. Wish I could've gone back in time and refused the updates as well, the first couple weeks were great until the first major update rolled out. Then the honeymoon period essentially ended after that, and it became headache after headache.


                  Thanks Alicia for the link, but I already followed the steps described on that page. It seemed to work fine a couple days then after that it would just **** out on me. The freezes seem to be inopportune and very random, something that really fuels the frustration. What I was hoping the first time was that they would just give me a replacement phone, but needless to say I know T-Mobile wasn't going to let that happen. The support staff I know has to follow a script and a set list of actions, but I guess what I needed was something a little more personable and a little less bureaucratic. Not your fault though, you guys have a set structure you have to follow, and I can appreciate that from working 4 years doing tech support.

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                    I know this is a bit of a bump, but this may be helpful to some. Here's a nice update for all of you.


                    I ended up rooting the Sidekick 4G, since it is apparently the T-Mobile no longer supports it. I went to the xda-dev site and got a tutorial on a procedure that works.


                    Since I have rooted my phone, there has been less freezing, and I've been able to do a couple more things with the phone than I wasn't able to do with stock software.


                    Keep in mind that rooting is a huge risk and could brick your phone if you're not careful. Best to read through threads and see what you're comfortable with before you go ahead and do it.


                    Rooting is not for everyone, but I myself was getting tired of the (lack of) support.