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    If you do something that's peculiar that calls attention to yourself, don't gripe if you get attention.  


    Not back to our regularly scheduled topic....

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    If People Can Read Beyond A 6th Grade Reading Level, Everyone Should Be Fine. No Big Deal.

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    The last time I tested myself, I read at a college graduate reading level.  I was just curious.  No need for the nasty attitude.

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    That's Outstanding. My Overall Point Is These Forums Shouldn't Be About My Capitalization. Who Cares?  I Had Explained Already Why I Type This Way. Did You Bother To Read It Before Inquiring?

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    No, I didn't see a post of yours that explained it.

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    It's In The Topic EMAIL SYNC I Believe, Or EMAIL SYNC PT. II. It's All Good Tho. No Attitudes Here. Just Like To Stay On Subject.

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    I find when people type any way but the proper way it conveys a message of illiteracy. If you wish to be seen this way, pelase continue. Just know you may loose professionalism points!


    By the way, the topic is about the upgrade to Android 4.0, not email sync.

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    The Last Thing I'm Worried About Is Losing "Professionalism Points" In A T-Mobile Forum. My Lowest Grade In Any English Class (Including College) Was A A-. So Your Illiteracy Statement Doesn't Apply To Me. Last I Checked, You Weren't A Professor Of Mine. I'm Not Turning In A 20 Page Paper To You. Your Opinion Holds No Meaning.


    It's Obvious You Have No Clue Of What's Going On. I Know What The Topic Is About. I Created The Thread. I Was Explaining To 21stnow Where I Posted My Reason For Typing This Way. And You Have The Nerve To Bring Up Illiteracy? LMAO! Get It Together.

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    I think you mean "an A-."  LOL, that was a little too easy.

    k_lorrell wrote:


    The Last Thing I'm Worried About Is Losing "Professionalism Points" In A T-Mobile Forum. My Lowest Grade In Any English Class (Including College) Was A A-.

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    (sigh) It's not a matter of professionalism (not here; Title case or Start case typing in the white collar workplace probably won't be tolerated  for long), not even of literacy (imho). It's a question of legibility. Start Case makes for awkward reading, partly due to whatever font family or font size is on the reader's device (which the writer can't control). It takes the reader a wee bit more effort to scan the unusually formatted text and read it when it doesn't follow broadly accepted conventions of written language.


    K_lorrell, I'm sure you have reasons for doing so that make sense -- to you. Maybe even to others when you explain. But having to explain why you type a peculiar way everywhere you participate in written communications must be tiresome. I only suggested that you cease and desist because this is a place where we are asking others for help -- it's a small matter of politeness not to deviate from clear and legible typing that the broadest possible audience will be familiar with. We already have helped you in several threads. It may be different in your community, but leekspeak and SMS conventions aren't needed or necessarily effective in general forums. Everyone misspells or makes grammar goofs, myself included. Long ago, I used to use all lower case (easier to type) on CompuServe until someone pointed this out to me. I made a decision that it was more important to be understood clearly than to stand out with an affectation, even one with a practical benefit.


    It's up to you. I presume you're a grown up like me and can make reasoned decisions, not resort to comebacks like "grow up!" So ... can we put this sidebar discussion to rest?

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    It's Been Behind Me. You Find The Need To Keep Bringing It Up. None Of This Had To Be Brought Up In The First Place. My Thread Of Android 4.0 Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Typing Grammar 101. I'm Not Changing Any Font Styles, Colors, etc. If People Have A Hard Time Reading English, Then I Can't Help That. I Do Appreciate Your 3 Paragraphs Of Concern Though. Have An Outstanding & Blessed Day.


    FYI: This Is The Only Place Out Of Four Years Of Typing This Way, Where I Have Had To Explain Why I Type This Way.


    Moving On....

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    "I'm Not Sure If This Has Been Asked Yet, But Is The Amaze Getting A4.0 & If So Will It Be A OTA Or A Online Download?"  How in God's name is this thread about email sync?  You, sir, are delusional. You can claim you earned A's in college all that you want, but without proof your statement is void and null. Being rude and ignorant will get you no where on this forum.  I guarantee you that if you were to type like that on your college papers the TA or professor would toss your paper in the trash.

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    You Can't Be That Slow. Not Once Have I Stated That This Thread Was About Email Sync. I Asked The Person If They Read My Explanation For Typing This Way. The Person Said No. I Then Informed The Individual That I Posted My Explanation In The Thread Called Email Sync Or Email Sync PT. II. You May Want To RE-READ The Above Posts. It's Clear That You're Confusing Yourself (delusional). Now Go Help Someone With A HTML Issue Or Something.



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    I blame your typing style for the misunderstanding.


    How about you act like an educated adult or something.


    Just incase you didn't realize, but this isn't Twitter. Hash tags do nothing here.


    Mods, close this thread, please. This is getting out of hand. It's not helping anyone and only causing drama.