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    Wifi calling Error: ER01

      Ok, this same thing was happening last night but then resolved itself. Same thing happening again today.

      "Error: ER01 Invalid Certificate". I did the standard "pull the battery out" reset but it didn't work. I'm sure it's not a problem with my phone because many other people are having the same problem.Fix it!

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          I had the same problem. Out of a sheer act of desperation since I needed to make a call (to gf lol) tried using a linksys router instead of my normal NetGear and working fine.

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            All of a sudden started working again.

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              Now it's gone off again after working for about half an hour.

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                Just got off the phone with Tech Support. They are aware of the problem adn are trying to fix it. They need more examples of the problem so that they can understand it better and fix it faster. If you are having this problem please call tech support and let them know.

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                  Just tested mine and working ok.

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                    I don't understand why this is just now coming up it was fine all that time then all the sudden having these issues. My

                    phone started freezing and acting funny as heck all at the same time it started doing this.

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                      Apparently it is a known network error that some people are getting. Not a problem with phone or Sim card but on their end.

                      Working to fix it.

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                        so the phone not responding til after multiple presses and such to the soft keys at the bottom and it freezing up opening up random **** when u press for the home key is all the network problem or just the wifi error? I got another one from warranty exchange and it started freezing up within the same night of getting it restarting itself over and over again even after 3 master restets sd card out of it and backup data uncheckecked. As of monday I will be on my 3rd i swear i am so sick of these mess ups from htc. They need to fix their freaking phones.

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                          Just the wifi problem

                          When you reset did you have it clear the internal sd card and try with no apps from market?

                          Mine never had any of those troubles.

                          Also I know I religiously restart the phone daily too.

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                            I had the sd card out all together to prove it wasn't the problem. I didn't download any apps or anything to cause this either because I was testing it to make sure. It was freezing and resetting one time after another so it's not like it was a couple of days or something one restart a day is good I know, but this is crazy I had just gotten the phone like 5 hours before. This is what happens when they send out refurbished **** that was not fixed correctly. The first phone was having issues with the wifi then it had issues with freezing up not responding correctly but not restarting. It was weird because I had this phone over a motnh before having an issue like this it ws brand new out of the box. I restarted it daily to keep it clean and such the only apps I had on it was facebook messenger, mobile banking for bank of america, and yahoo mail. The soft keys just got to where u had to press them multiple times and everything. It continued to do this after a master reset. Even on my SD card the only thing I have on it is some music. I personally went through and formatted it and put the music that ran fine before it had any of those issues. I am getting my 3rd phone tomorrow from warranty hopefully this one will run right.It makes a total 11 phones I've had since I signed up for tmobile back in septmeber. All of them have been HTC's.

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                              Wow. 11 Phones In 4 Months? That's Awful. I've Been With T-Mobile Since 2005 And Have Had A Total Of 7 Phones. The Amaze Is My First HTC Phone. I Hope You Get Your Issue Solved.

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                                Yeah I've had 2 my touch 4g's, 4 my touch 4g slides which were horrible in my opinion, 2 sensations which were nice but the speakerphone would not work right on either of them they couldn't hear me but I could hear them. This is the 3rd amaze they sent me a brand new one from warranty this time so far it seems ok I haven't did the wifi calling update yet either so hopefully it works right.

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                                  Odd I have had really great luck and alot of HTC phones. Best manufacturer I think.  Here is my history with them anyway


                                  g1 - great for first android

                                  mytouch 3g - slow after 2.2 upgrade but is to much for the phone hardware downgraded sw back to 1.6 and is good.

                                  mytouch 3g slide - exhcanged for bad camera (how I got my MT4GS since none in stock)

                                  touchpro 2 - windows mobile is meh

                                  nexus one - repaired for bad screen.


                                  mytouch 4g

                                  mytouch 4g slide


                                  amaze - best phone ever owned

                                  hd2 - windows mobile 6.5 was horrible but fantastic hardware and runs great with android on it.


                                  All are still working great except for the problems mentioned. Keep the arround and ether used by other family members or use in school work for writing code. studiying software development at Florida State

                                  Sensation by design just had a low speakerphone not that load not really defect just a weak speaker on it.

                                  after testing a few blackberries, the vibrant g2x which had a few troubles I don't think I would get something other then HTC again though.