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    Need Wifi calling out in the country

      Just bought a Nokia Lumia 710 and found out that Wifi calling is not part of Wifi capability. Does any one know When T-Mobile is going to do a software update to make UMA/Wifi calling availible?

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          There are no plans to make wifi calling available on Windows Phone products. 


          If the wifi calling feature is something that will be critical for you to have, I strongly encourage you to return the phone while you are within the buyers remorse period and look at one of our Android phones that does have this feature. 


          Happy to list a couple for you if you would like that info - you can also find that info on T-Mobile.com.

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            Thank you Joel for the reply. The window phones are much easier to use, I exchanged for a android and find them difficult to use. Maybe with the response about wifi calling I hope T-Mobile will reconsider.

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              you can make wifi calls with Tango, ( a video chat application, you don't have to use video)

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                Hi russla -

                It is important to distinguish the Tango app from the Wifi Calling feature that is specific to a number of different phones in the T-Mobile lineup. 


                One significant difference is that Tango only supports video calls to other Tango users, while wifi calling uses a wifi connection to make voice calls to any number.  

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                  True,  Tango is not wifi calling, I didn't mean to equate it,  i figured if users were installing the app, they'd pick up on the requirements.    I was attempting to help them think of ways to address lack of coverage and access to wi fi to place calls.  I beleive that if one has a Voip provider, like Vonage for example,  they may be able to use the app MobileVoip, to also place calls when only wi fi exists.  (if they have a voip provider)  you will need to install Mobilevoip to see what voip providers they support.