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    Random Freezes

      I have had my phone for about 2 and a half weeks now and I have experienced random freezes everyday for about a week now. Had to do a Master Reset and it is still doing it. Anyone else having these issues and can someone possible give me some tips to fix it or do I need to take the phone to t-mobile?



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          I have had the same issues. Random reboots and freezes. I've also had my battery get up to something like 120 degrees farenheit or higher. I've noticed that these freezes and reboots happen more frequently when the battery gets hot like that. I called T-mobile one week after having the phone and then again last week. I'm supposed to be getting a new one but they're backordered. Either way, a phone shouldn't behave in this manner out of the box.



          Call T-Mobile Tech support and get the ball rolling on getting a replacement before it's too late.

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            Thanks alot about to call them right now!!!

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              i am also having the same issues with my phone and i have only had it for 3 days, and a master reset is the only thing that worked to fix it...... whats up  with this? its a brand new phone and its supposed to work properly

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                I did a maser reset on mine yesterday after constant reboots. So far so good knock on wood!!!

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                  Did anyone from Tmobile ever respond to this?  The service lately has been so terrible.  I have the samsung exhibit II and it freezes once or twice a day.  Ive done five factory resets already, and have to do soft reset (take battery out) every day.  Its not being caused by a specific app as Ive tested that...and it freezes just by swiping homescreens or touching a preinstalled app like Gmail or News.


                  Ive contacted Tmobile and as usual, every rep tells you something different.  A TForce member told me it was a 'known issue' and that I just needed to deal with it.  I realize this handset is a mid-level - not an SG2, but I dont think a customer should have to reset their phone every day.

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                    Ru still having freezing issues? Or have u given up? Several TForce reps in here and twitter have admitted this is a known issue. The problem is they have no solutions except the typical canned responses such as...



                    Contract expiration is a good time to get discounted phines




                    Im sorry youre nit satisfied with our resolution


                    AND OF COURSE


                    the factory reset & blame the customer because it must be your fault

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                      I am not having freezing issues anymore because I am no longer with t-mobile. I have moved up to a iphone 4s and loving it no freezes or anything. I think this model phone was defected from the factory and t-mobile really needs to do something about it!!!

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                        I guess thats what im going to have to do. ive tried to be so loyal to tmo since ive never been with another carrier but this isnt the same company. reps range from inept to rude. for months, tgeyve made ne think i was  a troublemaker or going crazy. it does seem to be a defective handset. If u know what CHUTZPAH means the rep said in writing SORRY YOURE NOT SAISFIED WITH OUR RESOLUTION..yet they havent provided one. Guess there will be even more customers leaving in 1st quarter. MR HUMM.RU READING YOUR OWN WEBSITE?

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                          I have had the same issue. I have had to have my phone replaced 3x now. And I am getting tired of it. My phone still freezes and still overheats as well. I was told at the store all phones get hot once in a while.....try everyday. This phone is the worst that I have ever had, and Tmobile isn't doing anything to assist.

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                            Babyish, Im sorry for your problems but glad you posted and want to just validate your comments.  Sadly, some like to attack and claim we're making up these problems.  I'd like to tell you it will get better but Ive been told repeatedly by Tmobile TechSupport that freezing is one of many 'known issues' with the device.  Tmobile unfortunately doesn't care about its customers anymore.  They have no response except 'deal with it' or buy a new phone or find a new carrier.  So if youre not on a contract, you probably should join the rest of us that are going to be 2012 churn statistics.


                            I hear ya - Ive tried 2 separate Exhibit IIs and have also sent it in to Samsung for repair twice.  It doesnt matter what you do.  My phone freezes every single day.  I think the longest Ive been able to go without freezing is 36 hours.  It also sometimes randomly turns off and on.  I cant speak to the overheating.  I do notice the phone is hot sometimes, but I really dont have anything to compare it to.


                            Ironically, as I'm typing this, the phone was on my desk - untouched for hours - and just once again turned itself off and on.  VERY FRUSTRATING...but all I can say is what one rep told me "It's a piece of ****; they shouldnt continue selling it, but they've already prepurchased them so they are going to do it."


                            So be glad that youre only having freezing....Make sure you have a lot of memory space free...but other than that, I wish I could tell you it would get better.  Like I said, I also have the phone mysteriously turn itself off and on (no one has been able to even tell me what would cause that) and also at times after freezing, it will power cycle and turn itself on and off repeatedly.


                            Good luck...But Id do what Tmobile advised - Find another carrier that will provide you with a working, reliable phone from a company that will stand behind it.

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                              So I contacted Tmobile and they said all they can do is send me the Exhibit II. Maybe it's just me, but when I say I want a different phone, I mean nothing with Exhibit in it. I humored the guy after being lied to on tech support via phone, and passed to several different people. He told me I would not have any of the issues I had with my previous device. Rrrrriiiigggghhhhtttt.....it's all in my head right? Which is why now I have the Exhibit II and it randomly shut off completely, and would not let me turn it back on at all without taking the battery out. I've done the resets and the clearing memory and all of this. If I call tech support again, I am not talking to the same people I have before, because this is ridiculious. So far I am not pleased with Tmobile at all, and am getting very frusterated with their so called "customer support". I do not find it customer support being LIED to and told to call the manufactur that they would be the only ones who could help me. That's funny when I called Samsung they said they never heard such a thing. Tmobile is the only one that can do anything about it. I am getting very tired and frusterated with the running around, and the mazes you seem to have to go through to get any help with your phone. Sure not living up to their "end" of our contract for sure.