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    Trying to get help re Web Rocket

      Approximately three- four weeks ago I began experiencing a drastic slowdown in internet speed using my Web Rocket 2.0 USB device. I never showed more than one bar (often zero bars) on the webConnect Manager but up until then I still received reasonably quick internet speed. While I would initially connect to the internet, if I tried to browse to any pages, I would often get a message “loading (page)” then “sending request to (site)”, then finally “This web page is not available.” I tried three browsers with the same results.


      On Wednesday, January 11, I called T-mobile and was finally connected to  “Chris”. I told Chris the situation and also that the webConnect Manager window would alternate back and forth between 3G and 4G. Chris connected me to another representative also named “Chris” who explained that it sounded like a tower problem since I was only showing at most one bar, and he put in a service order for me. He said someone should be out there to check the towers within 3 days, and I should call back


      On Friday, January 13, I tried to contact T-mobile to find out the status of the service order, as a three-day weekend was coming up.  I tried the 1-800-866-2453 Customer Service number and answered a ridiculous number of questions from the automated service before I could finally reach a person. “Kirk” asked me the same series of questions, and kept putting me on hold. Finally he said that the engineer had made a note to the service order indicating that efforts were being made to build more towers and improve service on my area. I asked what could be done to help my internet service now, and he could only tell me to check again in three more days.


      I tried to contact someone through the chat service, but the page connection kept timing out (the problem I was calling about in the first place). When I was able to maintain a connection, the chat service showed all agents were busy or offline. Finally I was able to contact “Alexis M”. After I again explained the problem, she said she could not help me with this device and gave me yet another customer service number to call. She also gave me this answer:


      “I am seeing here a note left from an engineer in that area :We still have upcoming 3G Infill sites scheduled to integrate this year and future site planned near the area. This will help improve indoor and outdoor coverage near customer location. Currently, continous optimization of the area is on progress with the objective of improving coverage and elimnating drop calls”


      She was unable to provide any other assistance.  So I called the number she gave me and it was exact same automated service I had to deal with before. I still do not have dependable internet service, and I do not know how long it will be until I do. 


      My contract does not end until October of 2012. Until now, I have been very pleased with the service.

      Hopefully I can post this before the connection times out. Hopefully someone from T-mobile will respond to this.

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          Ran a speedtest on my T-mobile connection: 1.39 Mb/S Download; .66 Mb/S upload, score was "D-,  slower than 76% of the US."  I also tried other internet service providers tody and got numbers as high as 7.0 Mb/S Download and around 6 Mb/S for Upload. So far I have contacted T-mobile customer service over the phone, via chat, wrote a letter to the corporate address and joined this forum, all to no avail other than being told that "continuous optimization is in progress"  Is anyone from T-mobile out there at all???

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            Same thing here, charger09.  I've been a customer for a year now, and when it's not one issue it's another.  I've had my share of "Chris', "Mikes" and "Leslies", to no avail except for a very nice personal service with nil results.  It's always the "optimization of the area which is in progress" excuse.  Now, I'm being penalized with the slowest connection and download speed ever.  Download of fb games is impossible on Internet Exp and Firefox, been using Opera, which makes it a tiny bit better, but cannot complete download except at 4:00 am, and then just one game is allowed, and for a short period of time.  So, what does Tmobile expect with all the dissatisfaction?  Oh, I can only imagine.... What do I want tmobile for at such a cheap price when it's not even delivering the service I am paying for?  Oh, and another thing my contract was originally signed for unlimited access, and abracadabra it was changed into an unlimited(?) service up to 5 GB.  Oxymoron, definitely!  I don't mind much the 5GB limitation, it's the almost zero availability of the service.  On the other hand, the very few weeks that tmobile broadband has been available, it has been awesome, but a fews weeks out of 12 months, just doesn't cut it.       

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              Update: I tried calling again and spoke to "Elizabeth" who seemed very helpful. She is sending me another web stick and I have to go the T-mobile store to get a new SIM card. She thinks that may resolve the problem. We will see. It took about 20 minutes to upload several small files today which is very annoying. I am convinced that no one from T-mobile looks at this forum, which I guess is why they put it up- so we can reach out to each other for help and they don't have to do anything. I will be glad when my contract is over...

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                I am glade that I am not the only one that is made to jump through hoops.  I, too, have been having the experience with my web stick.  After numerous calls to tec support and many minutes waiting to get through, to be told that it is a compactly issue with no resolve.  They have credited my account $5.00.  I have asked to have terminate without conscience and to get the money for the web stick back to no avail other than that I would be liable for the remainder of my contract.


                And to think, by the they way talk about it it is an isolated situation.  The outlet stores still push them, people buy them,with good intent to find out after the fact that is ****.  Hummmm.  What's up with that?  How can so many post be loged for T- Mobile product without them taking notice?  . 

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                  Update- connection still sucks.  The new webstick and SIM card did not help, and no one can tell me why this would have changed in the past month (month and 1/2 now). Apparently I am to wait until new towers sprout. Thanks, Tmobile. Too bad they didn't get eaten up by AT&T.

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                    Update 2/8: Today I received a letter from Asurion that insurance had been added to the mobile device and my T-mobile account was being charged. I called in and I was told by Kyle that the webstick was only guaranted for one year so, since I had this for over one year, they could not replace it unless I had an extended warranty. They activated the warranty for one day but never mentioned they were doing this. I asked if I can cancel the contract and they reminded me that it would cost me $200 early termination fee. I was transferred to Irma at customer retention who said she agrees with why I don't want to pay early termantion.  She transferred me to Peter a techinician, who had no idea what was going on. I had to start from the beginning and he read back the engineers report and confirmed that Tmobile is looking at enhancing reception in the area. They can basically do nothing for me, so I either have to eat the $200 fee or stay with this service or just get something else. I will never do business with Tmobile again.

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                      Update: 3/3

                      I filed a complaint with the BBB. Here is T-mobiles reponse.


                      "In –––––– complaint, ------ indicates that she is not able to use service with her mobile broadband device in or around her home. We regret any coverage issues ------ has experienced. Unfortunately, T-Mobile is unable to guarantee coverage in all areas. There are several factors, such as: network changes, traffic volume, service outages, technical limitations, signal strength, equipment, terrain, structures, foliage, weather, and other conditions that may interfere with actual service, quality, and availability. It is T-Mobile's position that, should ------- cancel service prior to the expiration of the two year agreement with T-Mobile, the $200.00 early termination fee that would be assessed to the final billing statement would remain valid and owed. T-Mobile regrets any inconvenience to -------.

                      Based upon the foregoing, we respectfully request that this complaint against T-Mobile be closed. "



                      Under normal circumstances I would never sign a long-term contract with a company that could not guarantee the very service they brag about.


                      In addition, they charged me $5.00 for that one-day service warranty on my replacement device. I called and spoke to Tony who said they could not do anything about it and that their policy on insurance had been disclosed. I was never told anything about insurance when I spoke to Elizabeth (which they would know form their "recorded calls") who said she would send me the new device.


                      I hear that Clear.com has a great mobile hot-spot service.