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    Wired Internet


      I am going to a place where the only option for internet is wired (as in a LAN cable).  Is there an adaptor for the Garminfone so that I can hook up to internet via a cable?

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          Hey doug47!


          Absolutely you can hook your Garminfone up to a LAN inernet connection.  To do this, you'll need to get a Wi-Fi Router.  It will take the internet connection from the LAN and transmit it wirelessly to your Garminfone.  You'll need to get a Wi-Fi router that supports Wireless B and Wireless G. 


          Let me know if this helps!


          - Ian

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            So there is no small adaptor thingy I can plug into the USB connection at the bottom of the phone?

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              Be careful with that USB port on the bottom of the phone.  I think it's custom-wired.  Indeed, the only thing I've managed to get to work with it are the Garmin USB cables, etc. 

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                So, you're thinking something like this? http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0367506


                Unfortunately, everything I've run across for such wireless access points (which are used in conjunction with a wired-only router) costs just about the same amount.  I wish there was something cheaper that only provided one or two ports, preferably pocket-size.

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                  jvmorris wrote:


                  I wish there was something cheaper that only provided one or two ports, preferably pocket-size.

                  Here is what I picked up:


                  for twenty bucks.


                  I will keep you posted on how well it works.  Or doesn't work. Or gets me arrested in Japan.

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                    jvmorris wrote:


                    Be careful with that USB port on the bottom of the phone.  I think it's custom-wired.  Indeed, the only thing I've managed to get to work with it are the Garmin USB cables, etc. 

                    Point well taken.

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                      Okay, that looks like a lot more reasonable price, at any rate.


                      I've not had a requirement for something like this because when 'away' (for me), there's always ready access to either a wireless router or a public hot point (usually free).

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                        Well, I can answer the first part.  The little wireless modem works great.  I set it up in my home network and got it connected in just a few minutes.  After a few more minutes, I'd changed the password, and added WEP so that I can use it on the road.


                        As for getting arrested in Japan for having it, that will have to wait until at least March.

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                          Quick question on the power requirements -- that 5 V 1.2A spec, does it require a separate power cable or is the device drawing power through the CAT5 connector?  If it's a separate power cable with an associated transformer, is it a dual voltage device 120 and 230 V, or just one or the other other?  Also, what kind of plug?


                          On second thought, I think this might be of interest to me, but not so much for your reason.  Am I correct that this effectively increases the number of wireless ports accessible by 10+?  If so, that would be of interest to me when overseas.  Most standard routers/modems available in the UK provide, at most, 4 wireless ports built-in (indeed, a lot of them support a max total of 4 wired/wireless ports).  Things are fine in the UK until I show up.   (Too many houses have solid walls and a wired LAN isn't really practical; so everything connected to the main router is running wireless -- and often a bit raggedly at that).  Another ten wireless ports would be a god-send, since at the very least, I myself need a wireless LAN connection for my laptop and also my smartphone.  And I suspect we'll have more devices needing wireless connections shortly.

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                            The unit gets power from a USB plug that is next to the CAT5 cable input.  It has its own 2 prong power supply that accepts 100-250 V, 50/60 Hz. and the plug is the standard non-polarized US/Japan blade-type.  The power supply is a bit odd in that it has a female regular USB connector that I plug in a large to small USB male cable (supplied).  I did not try to run it off of a computer's USB plug, so I don't know if it draws too much power to be supplied by a laptop.  I will try that tonight.  Sizewise, it is small than my Garminfone and MUCH lighter.  It will be perfect for my travels (as long as the TSA doesn't freak out on it).  It has no external antenna, so I bet the range is quite limited.  I didn't try walking away from it to see where the signal dies.  I will also try that tonight.  You would have to get a US to UK plug adaptor (or find a power supply with a USB output) to use it, but other than that, it sounds like it might work for you.

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                              It's smaller than the phone?!!!   That works for me.


                              I've plenty of US/UK adapter converters in the UK, so that's no big thang.  Also, years ago, I bought a 'down-converter' to step down from UK power to US power that I now keep in the UK along with a US standard multi-outlet strip, so I don't really use the US/UK adapter converters for anything but traveling (hotels/buses/trains/planes).  (Only thing I connect to the US-branded power strip is low-power transformers for a variety of US-bought electronics.) 


                              Now, the lack of an external antenna may be a consideration, so I'd like to hear what you learn as you move away from it.  I obviously have to have the device close enough to the main router/modem to use a CAT5 cable to connect it, so the additional wireless ports are still going to have to cope with the solid internal walls in the houses in the UK.  (Try two foot thick stone/rubble/masonry walls.)


                              Still, this looks like a device that's likely to be of interest to many participants here, so thanks for posting it.


                              Oh, before I forget, don't worry about TSA.  I pack so many electronic accessories into my checked luggage that they almost invariably examine it and I've never had any problems.


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                                Okay, I am rather P.O.'ed by this unit.  The reason is IT WORKS!


                                1. I was able to power it with the USB connector on my laptop.


                                2. It had a range about the same as the router I paid REAL money for.


                                Here is a unit that runs off of a USB port, is smaller than my phone, and has a range equivient to my "real" router, all for MUCH less than I paid for that "real" modem.

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                                  Oh, dear, that's terrible!   (I think I'll buy one.)


                                  Finally noted the last image (of the whole package) on the referenced website and I see what you mean about size -- it looks to be even smaller than the power transformer.  And, having read the reviews now, it looks even more appealing to me.