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    New update killed my phone

      I just Updated my  phone and after the phone restarted  it never worked again   the phone is  is suck in the boot screen  for the last 4 hours any ideas cause tech service  was no help at all

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          I'm having the exact same issue. Tech was no help? What did they say?!


          My phone is in a continuous cycle of rebooting itself, never getting past the screen with the "my" inside the green circle (white background). After a few seconds, it goes to black and then gets to the same screen...before it goes back to black and continues the cycle. It has been doing this for hours!

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            they want me to pay for a used replacement phone

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              I pay for insurance, so I would ONLY have to pay the shipping...but still...that is NOT good enough for me especially when considering that I got this phone on Dec.17, it is brand spankin' new, and they want to send me a refurbished one.


              Try doing a factory reset. You're going to lose your apps and layout and stuff, but not your contacts or anything on your SD card (pics/vid/music).


              Take the battery out, put it back in. Hold down the VOLUME DOWN and POWER buttons at the same time. Use the volume down button and scroll down to "factory reset". Use the POWER button to 'select' "factory reset".


              I had to do this THREE times before my phone actually turned on again, and now I get to spend the rest of my night getting my phone set up the way I had it. Oh...the joys of HTC and T-Mobile, pairing up to create frustration all over the planet.


              I still don't know whether my phone has the "new" software or not, but I freaking hope so because I swear to God if I have to do all this again for the same update.......


              Edit: Checked my software status and it looks like I have the new version installed now. Android 2.3.4, Software # 2.32.531.1


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                ive done that about  30 times  still nothing

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                  Yea...my phone isn't working properly even though I got it to turn on. I can't call or see my contacts. What a frustrating experience. Makes me want to turn back time and bail on T-Mobile/HTC and get an iPhone.


                  I wish I had something else for you to try but...yea. Sorry mang.

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                    Oh how wonderful... something for me to look forward to... NOT!  The update hasn't come to my phone yet thankfully.  From these posts I may decide not to accept the update.

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                      i just called t-support and they toldme that DO NOT download any updates!!!!!!! too much problem already

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                        I randomly got the "white screen" on Friday afternoon. Called Tech Support twice, both saying that my phone (3 weeks out of warranty) was "trashed". Umm, ok. So I took it to the store first thing Saturday morning only for the girl working to say that it was "fried" but couldn't tell me why. But I could buy a new phone for $240-$400. I laughed at her & told her I was counting down the days til I was free from my contract & left. My husband had the same phone in black so he gave me his, he got a used Blackberry, called Tech Support to change over the service, blah blah blah.


                        I happened to mention to a friend what had happened. He took my "trashed & fried phone" & within 5 minutes had it rebooted & working just fine. So my advice would be not to even bother with Tech Support or the store. Find someone who actually knows about phones & have them look at it. If it's truly damaged then having someone look at it won't hurt. If it's actually fixable then you've just saved yourself hundreds of dollars.

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                          Sounds like a bad flash or your download got corrupt.

                          Did you try and do a master reset as normally fixes it.