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        I'm extremely happy with mine, even though there is one bug that annoys me.  The phone does lose its network connection from time to time, maybe around once a week.  The rest of the phone is good enough to me to compensate for this, and hopefully, an update will fix this problem.  Given that I rarely receive calls on it, it's not too big of a deal for me.


        I only used the phone on T-Mobile one day, and the performance was good.  I have tried it with AT&T and am currently using it on H20 Wireless now.  The loss of network connection happened with the last two SIM cards that I mentioned, so I think that it's the phone, not the network.  But, then again, both of those last two SIMs are using the AT&T network.  I have read that VZW Galaxy Nexus phones are experiencing similar problems, so I think that it's the phone.  A reboot resolves the issue for me.


        As far as the statement about it being year-old technology, that is probably based on the dual-core processor and no significant hardware features that you can't find on other existing phones, with the exception of the larger screen.  I like the Nexus line of phones because that is what Google uses to test the software, and the phones are designed to work well with Android.  Similar comments were made when the Nexus S came out at the end of 2010, and I have to agree with the comments both times around.  However, the hardware is good enough for me.


        As far as the Galaxy Nexus being better than the Nexus S, I will say yes it is.  I prefer the larger screen size.  The dual-core processor is a necessity, in my opinion, for Ice Cream Sandwich.  I updated the Nexus S to Ice Cream Sandwich and the performance leaves me wanting.  Some have had my experience with the lag, while others experienced reduced battery life.  I wish that I had left the Nexus S on Gingerbread.  If I get bored one day, maybe I will flash it back, but that's not high on my priority list.


        I'm fascinated with the Galaxy Nexus because of other things, too.  I use Google Wallet on it and think that it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I can't get Google Wallet to work on my Nexus S yet.  I also like having a phone that was designed to work with Ice Cream Sandwich.  With the Nexus S, you still have the hardware buttons.  While ICS was modified to use the hardware buttons on the Nexus S, I prefer it with the onscreen buttons.  However, I think that if I had not used a Galaxy Nexus, I would be perfectly fine with the integration of the hardware buttons from the Nexus S.  Face Unlock is cute on the Galaxy Nexus, but it doesn't always work.  However, Face Unlock was removed from the Nexus S, so I would not have been able to experience it for myself without the Galaxy Nexus.


        I'll stop here because I could probably talk for close to an hour about the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus!  Even though I wish that I could have gotten the Galaxy Nexus for the price that I posted, I don't regret getting mine when I did.  I chalk it up to an early adopter fee and I have enjoyed my time (a little over a month) with it.  Since I heard that shipping takes around two weeks with Daily Steals, I will have had almost two months to enjoy my phone before I could have gotten it from them.


        Keep me posted.  Let me know if you get the phone and how you like it.

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          Thanks so much for such a detailed review!  I have been very happy w/my original Nexus One, I imagine the same experience w/the Galaxy Nexus.  The 16GB memory and no ability to expand has me a little concerned...but think I'm realizing I haven't come close to that capacity yet on my current phone, so it's probably not an issue for me or my use. 


          Thanks again for posting the sale!

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            You're welcome!

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              I've handled both.  The biggest differences are in the CPU (dual core vs single), screen size (4.65 vs 4.0) and pixels (2.5x).  Surprising the difference in size isn't that big, nexus s = 124x64 and nexus galaxy is 136x68.  


              I have to say the galaxy nexus screen is impressive, engaget says:

                 The 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display (1280 x 720 pixels) is simply beyond par. Gorgeous doesn't

                 even begin to describe this screen -- try amazing, jaw-dropping, mind-boggling. 


              Google for "Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ review" to read the entire review. 


              It finishes with:

                The Galaxy Nexus is definitely the best Android phone available today -- it's possibly even the

                best phone available today, period.


              They sound a wee bit impressed ;-).  It saddens me that I can't get such a nice phone for t-mobile without importing it (and risking warranty issues). 


              My current G2 is a nice phone, but t-mobile really ruined it.  Locked bootloader, and it's filled with nagware.   Does t-mobile really thing I want to see ads for various services like photobucket in the notification bar?  Does t-mobile really think it's worth the user's annoyance?  I'm fine with defaults tying into anything that might be cool, but locking a phone so you are forced into having apps/software/notifications you don't want is insulting. 


              Anyways, sorry to rant.  I'm getting the galaxy nexus I just have to decide if it's going to be an import with t-mobile or getting one with sprint or verizon.  I bet neither will bother me with ads/notifications.  T-mobile if you can do anything to give us an idea of the possible timeline for the Galaxy Nexus on t-mobile please do so.  It's already passed the FCC, and if dozens of websites can resell them surely t-mobile could get a few.

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                If you are having issues with network connection issues then you should check out the some the baseband thread on the xda-developer forum. You may have to unlock the bootloader to flash them but it could fix your issues and possibly giver you better battery life. When I got my i9250 it came with a UK baseband (XXKK1) which worked fine. Since I live in California I decided to try the baseband for North America (UGKK7). Since I flashed it I have better reception and better battery life. There is newer baseband (UGKL1) which is now available for North America. You can find more info about it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1405345

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                  So I take it TMO will not be offering this phone anytime soon?  I'm also surprised Google isn't selling an unlocked version in the US...through retailers/resellers.  Does this not make any sense considering the Nexus One and other "Google phones" were offered or sold by TMO or Google in the past?

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                    Well the device is available from several reputable U.S. based companies including Newegg.com, I can understand some frustration, but do realize that dealing with "unlocked" devices in the U.S. markets doesn't necessarily play nicely with what the carriers (such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T) expect. 


                    The smartphone/superphone markets have not changed the typical cellular phone model where the carriers control market distribution (with the exception of Apple of course).  So this behavior may change, but for right now, this is the U.S. market.


                    Perhaps additional carrier availability will be announced for this device, but at least the phone is still rather easily available through U.S. etailers.   It could have been like the Nokia N9...non-existant in practically any U.S. company inventory...(showed up with a very select few distributors).

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                      i just want to ask u here....instead of read the whole thing.....

                      sorry for the lazy....


                      so u r using Galaxy nexus with an unlocked verison and u using Tmobile network, so is that run with a 3G service or 4G ??

                      with ur data plan??


                      please let me know..ASAP...coz i am concern to get a nexus phone

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                        The GSM Nexus Galaxy is an unlocked Pentaband phone.  It works on either AT&T *or* T-Mobile's 3G spectrum.  And the data plan you would use would be whatever either vendor would offer for their prospective service.

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                          thankz....as long as it not edge as iphone, then will be fine


                          thank you once again

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                            Not's not going to be Edge like the iPhone at all.


                            And you're welcome..!

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                              one more question.......are u using galaxy nexus....?? but then how u know about it....its gonna be 3G??

                              i am just curious..and wanna make sure...so that i waste the money on the phone

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                                I actually know people at Google and other android developers who are using the same model you can buy at Expansys.  And that same model has been mentioned in this exact thread.

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                                  As the engadget review confirms, both Pentaband GSM galaxy nexus works well on T-mobile's  3G and 4G.


                                  I bought mine through dailysteals and can confirm that it works great with t-mobile.

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                                    Posting this from Galaxy Nexus on the T-Mobile 3g/4g network here and works fine.  The only Tmobile feature missing is WiFi calling but using another provider for that.


                                    Also had an Att 3g/4g (not lte) test and worked fine. 

                                    100% certain it is not edge speeds like iphone :)