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    USB driver for Samsung Exhibit II 4G

      I bought this Samsung Exhibit II 4G, but I cantnot connect to my computer, Windows 7.


      I don't sure, is there nesessary to download some special software?


      Plaase advice me, for connecting

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          I got this phone for Christmas and it took me forever to get this figured out.  Here's what you have to do.  Your phone has to be in Debugging mode to install.  Settings-Applications-Development-Check USB Debugging. Connect the USB cord to your computer.  Your computer should recognise your phone and install the driver and then tell you that your hardware is ready to use.  Disconnect your phone and go back and disable USB Debugging.  Now go to Settings-Wireless Network-USB Utilities-press connect storage to PC before reconnecting your cable and follow the rest of the prompts.  Auto play should run and let you open your phone and your SD card if you have one.  Looks like Samsung would have explained this process instead of giving us users the run around.  Hope this works for you.

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            Hey ics2012a!


            Were any of the suggestions helpful in resolving your issue?  If so, let us know!




            - Ian

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              quest - TY for your suggestion - it worked for me.  My user manual doesn't mention these steps - would be nice if it did......

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                I downloaded the driver per "ics2012a" link and followed the instructions per "quest" and was able to connect my Samsung Exhibit II to my pc. Simple. Thanks!

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                  I've tried everything in this thread, but no luck for me.  I downloaded and installed the driver, put the phone into debug and plugged the usb cord in.  Nothing happens.  The phone will start to charge the battery, but absolutely nothing happens on the computer.  It doesn't recognize that I've plugged anything in.  I tried without the debugging, and just clicked the "connect to PC" button, still nothing.  I've tried on three different laptops, no luck.  I've tried on both WinXP SP3, and Win7 as well.


                  Any ideas?  The WiFi seems to work, but I don't have wi fi in my house right now, and I really don't want to install an entire network just for the phone.

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                    @mwkas - I'm sure you've done it, but just in case, I want to mention the the order of actions is very important, especially at what point you plug in the usb cord.   I followed quest's Jan 19, 2012 post exactly step by step and it worked for me on Win7.


                    Before that I got nowhere, and one of the things I messed up was leaving the usb cord plugged in.


                    Good luck!

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                      Go here and use this driver.. It will work perfectly with your phone.       http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/SGH-T679

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                        You do not have a driver problem, the only driver that you need for your phone to be able to communicate with a computer is stored on your phone and is loaded to the computer when you follow the steps I outlined in my original post.  You can download drivers until the cows come home and they will do you no good when you have nothing to drive!   The computers are not recognizing your phone as a mass storage device.  When a new device is connected to a computer you should get a pop up telling you that New Hardware has been Found and the computer should start trying to install the hardware, since this is not happening for you and it seems it did not happen on three different computers suggests to me that you have a faulty USB cable.  You said that the phone would start charging when plugged in to the computer and this would make it seem that the cable is OK, but I have read more then once that a cable can still be faulty even though it allows charging.  I would try this first:  plug the cable into the USB port into the computer first, then into your phone, if this doesn't make a difference I would suggest that you try a different cable, maybe you are lucky enough to have one that will work already or could borrow one from a friend.  You can always purchase a new one just be sure you are getting a full blown USB cable and not just a charging cord. If  a different cable does not solve your problem then the Worst case senario is the USB port on your phone is defective. Hope this helps you out, sorry it took me so long to respond.

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                          I have been scouring the internet for an answer to this question as well.  I have the same problem.  Windows does not recognize that I've just plugged in my phone; most of the time.  I say most of the time because since I bought my phone last November, it actually has recognized it twice.  Both times when I just wanted to charge the phone.  But I cannot get the phone to show up other times.  It simply charges.  Now you might say I have a faulty USB cable, and you may be right - however unless Samsung utilizes different USB cables than other companies I doubt that's the case.  I plugged my Kindle Fire in my PC and I could transfer files between the two. 


                          Since scouring the internet and finding out that this is actually a common problem, I don't think it's the USB cords.  I do think that perhaps it's a Samsung thing, since I've read it happens in other Samsung phones too, although the Exhibit seems to be most common.  I'd love to find an answer that doesn't require me rooting my phone though.


                          Thanks for the help anyway, I've tried many things I've read on various forums but a lot of them require a rooted phone and I'm not going to do that.

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                            Did you try the updated driver released in Feb?


                            I had to do the usb debugging bit to get it to work initially. When I realized that the driver on the Samsung site was updated later than January, I downloaded that and it works in a simple plug n play fashion now.


                            If you haven't already-



                            (manuals and downloads tab>downloads)

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                              Yes, I tried that.  I was also hoping the the updated firmware would help but that didn't either.

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                                Did anyone get a solution to this?  I am connecting to Mac and PC and neither sees anything connected, but the phone is getting charged when I connect.