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    why can't i use my hotspot?

      I can usually use my wifi hotspot but now i can't use it at all? what do i need to do?

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          Do you have a tethering plan?

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            As gramps28 noted, T-Mobile recently added a WiFi hotspot add-on feature.  This feature costs $14.99 in addition to your data-plan but will allow WiFi hotspot capabilities to work on supported devices.  You'll have to check with T-Mobile support regarding this feature.


            Something you may want to consider looking into....



            Hope this helps.

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              okay so now i would have to purchase the add on feature? i thought it was free with the unlimited plan.

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                Hey hour!


                Currently no data plan comes with the ability to use Wi-Fi Sharing included.  You'll need to add the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot feature onto your account.


                Thanks for posting to the Community!


                - Ian

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                  I'd just like to say that trying to charge me $14.99 to use the data plan I've already paid for makes me angry, and apparently many other users are also angry about this too. If I have a $20 data plan, paying that huge premium to be able to hotspot is a classic example of poorly thought-out pricing. $5 would be more like it. Free is what we expect, as the hotspot feature (and the tethering) is built into the phone. All T-mobile has done here is block functionality already built in to the phone until users pay to have it unblocked.


                  Consider this a *complaint* and pass it uphill until someone listens to their customers.



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                    I am experincing the same issue. I have had service with Tmobile for 16 months. All this time I have been ussing my Wifi hotspot when on the go. Yesterday, I received notification I have been blocked until I upgrade my account. I called and spoke with two representatives who clearly did not understand my fustration. How is it I am being charged for a feature I have been using for free. I called back to speak with another representative who stated I should not be affected by Tmobiles new upgrade, and I could infact connect to the internet through my laptop as before. Such was not the case when I tried. I currently sit here even more fustrated.