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        Seems like many users had a tough start with the Vibrant. I did too, GPS wasn't working quick enough and some minor things. But somehow, all the problems sort of resolved on its own. Hope it did the same for you.

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          Hi there, I'm Tim from San Diego. Long time TMo customer. Started with the Dash, then BB Pearl, then BB curve, then a MT3G and now my SGS Vibrant! (rooted, of course)


          I'm a linux server geek and enjoy anything and everything tech (except apple products) 

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            I am Gregory, I was on the old forums but for some reason, I had to create a whole new account!!! Wassup with that T-Mobile??????

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              Hello, Im new to this forum. I am just now starting to get to know what my vibrant can do, yes I've owned my phone for over a year! uugh!   I can deficatly use some "expert" advice. Thanks in advance.

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                Hello.  Love the Vibrant.  I'm IT developer supporting over 100 users of android phones.  When do we get Gingerbread?


                FYI: http://support.t-mobile.com/message/92915#92915

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                  Wondering if someone can confirm something for me.   I have a Samsung Vibrant has worked great up until may when T-Moblie upgraded my Sim card.  Now when I go to a web page i get the message I don't have a Data Plan.  Which I do have an unlimited one.  


                  Have called tmobile support, replaced the card, reset my phone to default.   But the other day someone told me that the new sim cards are set to connect with a new protocal, so once i reset the network after 15 minutes or 1 hour i don't have data anymore.  Because it reverts back to this new network.


                  For all this Tmobile has been so nice in giving me a $5.00 refund for not having a data plan for almost 3 months.

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                    My vibrant still has the original card.   Are they upgrading towers in your area?  I would be relentless with customer support until I got my data back.  T-mobile has its flaws, but they have the best prices, so I wouldn't bail on them yet.  WIth all the new ads and as new customers and cash flow in, there is hope for improvements.   Many of us ended up at T-mobile after leaving at&T and verizon.  I am stil angry with them for their lack of response on upgrades for the Vibrant, but I"m not ready to leave the family yet.   Good Luck.

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