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    Where's Netflix?

      Now that we have GB we should start pushing for Netflix.

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          Complain to netflix developers, not LG/TMO.

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            anyone got any leaked notes about a possible release? pushing buttons here

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              If I recall correcty, its not the software (android version) that is keeping the G2X from getting netflix.  Its the hardware thats keeping the G2X from getting Netflix.  The Qualcomm snapdragon has a hardware level DRM, something that the Tegra 2 doesn't have. 

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                great! that's a bummer...hope 3rd party app can be bridged in order for netflix to develope their app -_-

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                  If it's a hardware issue how come I can root, flash CM7 and then download a version of the app from XDA to get Netflix running?  Note, I CAN, do that, but I don't want to do that because the fear of bricking my phone by trying to flash a rom for the first time outweighs my need for netflix on my phone.

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                    taxman is correct.  It's not a hardware issue.  I'm rooted, and running CM7.  I can tell you that Netflix DOES work on my phone (I downloaded from xda).


                    However, you can't change your queue with the mobile Netflix app. You can watch movies/tv that are available for instant play...but no rearranging your queue. 


                    Personally, I think Netflix could release it to all Android phones, but they don't want to, for fear that their servers won't be able to handle the massive hit.

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                      are you using the market Netflix app or a modified version?  It may have the DRM check removed or disabled on it.

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                        Re the queue, old blu-ray players with the Netflix app have the same issue.

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                          Originally, I edited the build.prop and downloaded from the market.  But I'm pretty sure I'm running a modded version now.  I'll check, when I get the chance, and see if I can find the link I used at xda (if you're interested).

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                            Go to XDA in the apps and themes section there is a thread with the apk you can put on your sd card and open with astro.  You have to be running CM7 or bionix though, I think.

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                              When I was running CM7 2.3.3 the Netlfix app did not work with my phone.  When they did the CM7 2.3.4 update they specifically coded it to fake Netflix into thinking the phone met the requirments.  So it's a hardware issue, in that Netflix doesn't think the app is perfect for the phone but it is also a software issue, in that if you deceive the app then the app will run.

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                                I will tell you where Netflix is, purposely blocked so that a t-mobile user will be more inclined to use the T-MOBILE TV

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                                  And that iccurs a monthly fee after the free 30 day trial period. Also, can you watch hulu ?

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                                    gordonarts wrote:


                                    I will tell you where Netflix is, purposely blocked so that a t-mobile user will be more inclined to use the T-MOBILE TV

                                    The conspiracy theorists have come out of the woodwork.  Nice theory but the G2 was one of the first 5 phones to be considered a qualifying phone by Netflix.  Netflix is the one that makes the list of compatible phones, not T-mobile.  Plus, three other T-mobile phones are compatible, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Vibrant, and the Nexus S.  Here's the link for the Android Marketplace for Netflix.  You can see the list of compatible devices.  If your phone is not on that list then Netflix blocks your phone from seeing it.




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