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My OTA Gingerbread update - Current Status: FAILED

This morning around 6AM I got the Tmobile update OTA. It downloaded and verified.  I missed the first box for a screen shot but then got screen shots of downloading, verifing and the last step of applying the upgrade.


So around 6:40AM I start the upgrade phone reboots and it said applying something hard to remember and was like a numerical progress.  Said like 5% and I went on to other things.  After about 10 mins as this is how long the upgrade window said this could take.  The phone is now just sitting at this image of a white box and a orange bent arrow coming out with a little android dude.  The text showing progress is gone adn it has been sitting at this state now for 2 hours.


I'm going to call tmobile now but my fears is the phone is bricked.  I will update what tmobile says.

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