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    Internet Sharing

      I'm thinking about buying a Lumia 710, but the lack of internet sharing is a 100% deal breaker for me.  After doing a little digging I found that internet sharing is supposed to be enabled after a firmware update.  I was wanting to know if anybody has heard any news on how long it will take to get the new firmware out that supports this feature?

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          The 710 currently does not currently support internet sharing.  However, It will be enabled with a software update. When that comes out is up to Nokia.

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            That's kind of funny or phoney I guess. When I called and asked they said it did and gosh lee gee Walley, the T-Mobile website says it supports it currently. It says it allows connecting to the internet through your cell phones data connection and it supports Wi-Fi Sharing and APN Tethering. I called support and it doesn't, after I signed the freaking contract. That's dirty pool.

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              Yeah, that's not good.  I went to the store and checked the phone before buying it., The tethering was missing so I asked. Windows phone 7.5  OS supports tethering.  It is up to the phone manufacturer to enable it with their drivers.  I will disappointed it Nokia does not come thrrough with the update.

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                But tmobile is advertising that it currently supports wifi sharing/internet sharing and APN Tethering. They are selling it with this features and it doesn't have them and from what the Nokia support person said it doesn't sound like they are on the way. so that's not a disppointing issue that's a I was lied to issue.

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                  I agree with you tmobile should not advertise the feature if it isn't there.

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                    @ bubbarichard


                          Yes, T-Mobile do have the tethering and wi fi sharing service but for selected devices. T-Mobile is looking forward that all its devices will have the same capability.

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                      @ dschach


                            I would feel the same way.

                            You may use T-Mobile 4G Android phones if you want to use tethering and wi fi sharing.

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                        Thanks for the responses.  I suppose I'll give it a while to see if the feature is enabled.  Otherwise the HTC Radar doesn't look too bad.  I've always been happy w/ my HTC devices - I just thought the faster CPU would be nice in the Nokia.


                        If Nokia does come out with a firmware update to enable internet sharing, hopefully it's not the kind that requires an extra monthly service fee, requiring us to pay twice for data.  Fingers crossed.

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                          Hi adparker, this question came up a couple weeks ago on an internal employee forum, and as a result i reached out to and confirmed with our product dev contact at Nokia that they are not currently working on an update that will enable this feature on the Lumia 710.


                          As david_matthew suggested, there are a number of other Android products that do support this feature, and if you want to stick with Windows Phone, the HTC Radar is a good alternate option as well.


                          FYI, the monthly cost for the tethering/internet sharing feature is 14.99, regardless of the phone being used, which is separate from the data/voice plan monthly cost.


                          Finally...if you could provide specifics on where we are advertising/claiming this feature is supported on the Nokia Lumia 710, please post that here so that i can work with the appropriate teams to adjust/remove those references.  I could not find anything on T-Mobile.com but i suspect it might be somewhere else - thanks for your help here.

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                            This makes no sense.  Windows phone 7.5 supports tethering and T-mobile advertises the phone with feature. It is Nokia's responsibility to deliver the right driver software.  The htc hd7 initially did not have tethering after updating to mango (7.5) but received an update a month or so later.  I expect Nokia to do something similar. As far as the cost, I've owned two t-mobile android phones and never had to pay extra for tethering, it just used my existing data plan.

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                              @dschach - I completely understand how it could be confusing - you are correct that in general the WP 7.5 version of the OS supports tethering, but when we asked Nokia indicated there were factors unique to this product that meant this particular feature could not be enabled at launch, and as of last week they confirmed that they are not currently working on an update that will deliver this feature in the future.  This manufacturer is not the same as HTC so the HD7 update experience should not be used to set expectations as the circumstances are not the same.


                              There is no way to know exactly what the longer term future holds for the Nokia Lumia 710, but I do want to be sure that the interested users on these forums at least have the most current info from the OEM on this topic so that nobody is activating this new product under the assumption that the tethering feature will come in the near future, as that will only lead to frustration.


                              System enforcement of the 14.99 monthly cost for the tethering feature started around Nov 1, so prior to that most customers would not have seen anything different on their bill or when they connect to the mobile hotspot via their phone.  If you are still tethering without that feature, then I'd say keep doing what you're doing as long as you can do it!  I know that in Nov when I tested tethering with a G2 and Amaze and myTouch 4G Slide and Radar, I was redirected to T-Mobile.com and prompted to contact TMO to add the feature, and I wasnt able to tether until that happened.


                              Finally...if you could provide me with the specifics of where you saw T-Mobile advertising the tethering/mobile hotspot feature with the Nokia Lumia 710 product, I would be appreciative...thanks! 

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                                Originally posted by TForce:

                                if you could provide me with the specifics of where you saw T-Mobile advertising the tethering/mobile hotspot feature with the Nokia Lumia 710

                                .Here's the answer to your question:When you do a mock order for a Lumia at MyTmobile it offers and specifically recommends the following data option:


                                Unlimited data for sharing video and streaming entertainment (up to 5 GB high-speed sata included). Limited -time offer. Share your phone's high-speed internet connection on the go with up to five wi-fi devices, plus get 10 GB of photo and video a storage for free (a $19.99 value)


                                  I think this is what people are seeing when they order the phone and are sorely dissapointed when they find out that it doesn't support the feature. I want to add my voice to say that I think this is false advertising. Please encourage Nokia to update the device with wi-fi hotspos as soon as possible. Thank you.

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                                  The actual title of the data option offered while buying the Lumia 710 online is as follows:


                                  "Unlimited- Premium with Smartphone Mobile Hotspot Service."


                                  ( I tried to edit the original post to correct it but your system wouldn't alow it)



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                                    For Windows Phones it is called Internet Sharing not Mobile Hotspot Service. Why would you try to edit his post? that would be dishonest. Both the main website and the support website stated that this phone (Nokia 710) supported Internet sharing although both websites have sinced been edited. I guess Aubuchon (and it looks like david_matthew also), you should have actually read the previous post entirely before replying. Good luck with building your communication skills. Remember the subject is Nokia 710 Internet Sharing.

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