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gingerbread issue


after the gingerbread update, i have been having problems....

1. sometimes, im not receiving my text messages from my friends or my family.

2. and when i go into my call logs, i get kicked out to home screen sometimes

3. whenever i go to messaging or call logs, first thing i see is phone numbers, not names.

4. it seems android core apps and telenav gps navigator is stuck in restarting when i go check in running application in setting


i already got my phone replaced twice.... im not happy with my phone.... and im stuck with this phone for 1 and a half year....

i hope t-mobile can fix this thing

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    so is anyone able to help me?

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    someone plz help.....

    seriously not receiving any help..

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    Your not getting any help either?

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    no none at all.... other threads are getting help but this thread is not...

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    They haven't answered mine either. This is crazy.

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    I'm sorry about the delay in getting to your post, and I thank you for letting us know about this.  We have found out that often after a software update, some of the old settings/applications can cause issues like this.  I would advise a reset without an automatic backup/restore, and once done, to not re-install 3rd party applications right away (especially those that concern texting), to fully test the results


    Here is a link to help in backing up certain trusted items before a full reset is done...



    And here are the reset steps...

    1. Tap Settings.

    2. Scroll to and tap Privacy.

    3. Tap the Automatic restore check box to turn OFF.
    4. Tap the Back up my data check box to turn OFF.
    5. Tap Factory data reset.

    6. Tap Reset phone.

    7. Tap Erase everything.


    I'm sorry if you have already taken these steps without success, at this time, these are the steps our Tech Reps are giving out to resolve this issue.  If these issues haven't been resolved through two handset exchanges, addressing the available memory and applications are the only other solution as you are running the up to date software already.


    I hope this helps.

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    first.... i already master reset by pressing numbers.... and i have formatted my sd card 3 times...

    what more do you want me to do?


    i do not wanna buy new phone when it is t-mobile's fault and out of warranty....

    i want to ask you guys if you guys can replace my device with different one... i do not mind paying the difference... i just want to get rid of my vibrant 4g

    it worries me that the device will fail right after the warranty expires... as it happened to me before in the past

    or do tell me how i can extend my warranty

    i don't think i want to use a device which i worry it will fail everyday

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         I can understand you being upset.  I wouldn't ask you to format your SD card at all, and the "hard button master reset" can still auto re-install harmful applications/settings to your phone.  All I suggest is that you follow those above instructions.  You can only add the PHP warranty within the first 14 days of owning the phone, but T-Mobile will honor the one-year manufacturer's warranty if an exchange is needed.  I'm sorry that we cannot currently trade-in phones and charge the difference, but if the above steps are not helpful please feel free to private message me directly with your account information, and we can look into solutions should those steps not resolve your issue.

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    im getting tired of this  glitches.....

    how come t-mobile phone always cause trouble when we update.....

    and for exchange you guys charge me $25 nonsense fee.

    other companies does not charge those fee when they know its their fault...

    t-mobile has become worse over the years

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    I called in with the same problems and they told me to do the same thing Mike said and i still have problems. I love Tmobile and will NOT go anywhere else, but this really sux cause i love my phone but hate whats it is now doing. I have a month left on my year warranty an have phone insurance so not sure what i will do if it keeps on in the next few weeks

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    So you have done a factory reset already? Your other thread didn't  make this clear.


    Did you make sure that automatic restore was switched off so that none of your applications were automatically re-installed?


    If so,  how did your phone behave before you started to re-install applications?

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    I too have this issue but with only the telnav GPS app in a constant restarting state on running services. Done factory resets with backups off. I don't use the app so I just kill it. Using gingerbread 2.3.4 htc sensation. Also have a problem with corrupt ringtones after restarting, narrowing down to Google+ or Google music, but that's another thread.

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    Yes i did the factory reset again an it was fine this time. I slowly started adding apps back on and I came across one that made my phone just alittle goofy so i took it off. Still running great though. Maybe the 2nd time is the charm.

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    Great news! While these devices are not always flawless, many problems are caused by the apps themselves and the phones get the blame.  Try to keep track of what you install,  and if you run into problems in future uninstall your most recent additions and see if things improve.  Good luck!

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