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    Phone exchange


      I've had my myTouch 4G for 6 months now and there are many problems with it. Ok, so I here that these phones are now disconntinued but im not sure. If I take my phone to a T-Mobile store will they give me the same phone or a different one? please help.

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          The store does not have the ability to give you a replacement there.

          Overall they are good phones with only few issues.

          You will need to call tech support to see if can be fixed. If not they can send you a new or like new phone if they can't help you fix the problems with yours.

          And if the problem is software may require a few days of testing to make sure it is not a application issue.

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            Thanks for the info. My phone came with many issues so its probably just this one phone that sucks. If not then I'll just have to save for an HTC Sensation.

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              Start saving now the :)

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                Good luck. I exchanged my mT4g for a Sensation. After 7 exchanges (2x mT4g, 5x Sensation), I still have probelms. Dust under the screen on Sensation. Google "HTC Sensation Dust Under Screen" and you will see penty of discussions about it. It is a known issue, but neither TMO or HTC will acknowledge it. I even sent mine back to HTC for repair. It was fine for almost 2 months, but now dust is back. T-Mobile keeps sending me "refurbished" phones that have issues. I'm convinced that all they do when they get a defective phone is to do a master reset and send it out to another unsuspecting customer. Scam!