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    new update for mytouch 4G slide


      now it said in the DOC. that the update would be 1.55.531.1 I just updated on the HTC servers and it says I updated to 1.55.531.3 was the a mistake on the DOC.

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          It wouldn't shock me if a few little "oops" were caught in testing, which resulted in newer version numbers.  It probably takes some time to filter that information back through the documentation pipeline....


          For that reason alone, it's usually worthwhile to wait a few weeks to update...(Although I'm not that smart, and will no doubt update as soon as I find a free moment.  )


          I am interested in exactly what changes are being included in the software, beyond the generic descriptions contained in the documents.....

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            The update included the new market

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              FYI:  I just did the update, and got 1.55.531.3 as well.


              What I WAS going to claim was that the "new market" wasn't loaded for me.  But as I was logging in, it was automatically downloaded post-update, and is now installed.  (If someone doesn't want to wait, I assume that forcing a "Google Update" will get the new market quicker).


              So far, no issues with the update....(fingers crossed).

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                hi, my first post here   sorry if i am quoting the above post, i am  just figuring this forum out.


                has anyone noticed that 1. all themes are gone from the theme chooser after the update. and 2. The big weather widget graphics/animation doesn't show up in landscape mode?


                the first i don't care about, but the second actually bugs me, haha. i love that widget, and i use landscape mode exclusivealy, and the widget just looks like something is missing in landscape.

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                  I just checked for your issues, and I can confirm the same issues exist on my phone:


                  - Yes, the themes appear to be gone.  (Never used them myself....but I could see where some people would find that annoying).

                  - Yes, the moon/cloud animations don't seem to be there in landscape mode.


                  So, I guess the good news is that it's not only your phone(?)  Neither particularly bother me...But maybe someone from T-Mobile will see this, and look into it.....

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                    ah ok, thanks for the confirmation. i actually changed my setup a little bit, to a different widget so that it wouldn't bother me, haha. i didn't get to use my phone too much today, but i have read people saying they are seeing significantly greater speeds(based on quadrant scores anyway, which i never use), and also improved battery life! so i am optimistic about the update. perhaps those little issues squeeked thru somehow...

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                      the update is running beautifully over here, virtually no problems or glitches.


                      HTC announced that they added support for this new firmware to their bootloader unlocking tool. however, no one has successfully unlocked it thus far. i called HTC and they made a ticket to look into the issue, and hopefully fix it

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                        I lost my themes too and it does bother me. But I will just have to deal with it. Really wish there was a way to add "HTC HUB" to my slider...

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                          somewhere on this site is a post saying that a master reset will bring the missing themes back... kind of a trade-off, since you would have to re-setup your whole system. the post also says that there should be an OTA fix for this issue coming at some point. sorry i couldn't find the link to where it says this, but i'll post it when i find it


                          link: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-3073