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    Turn off auto correct in swype


      I feel stupid because I've been an android user for 4 years (and I'm computer savvy by nature), however on the Springboard when I type in my username on a website it wants to autocorrect. I have figured out how to add those names to the dictionary but I would rather just have autocorrect turned off completely rather than wonder why I'm getting an Unknown User message on site I log into because they decided I didn't know what I was typing. I've looked in the Settings but I haven't run across it yet. Although I will admit some of the corrected names are hilarious... it's not funny when you are trying to do something and you get flustered because the keyboard thinks you are dumb.

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          Hi there luvduchovny!


          I know the auto-correct can be annoying; the steps below should allow you to disable it.  


          Change Swype keyboard settings

          How to change Swype keyboard settings

          To change Swype keyboard settings, follow these steps:

          1.     From any Home screen, tap the Menu  key.

          2.     Tap Settings.

          3.     Tap Locale and Text.

          4.     Tap Swype.

          5.     Tap to select or deselect the following options:

          ·   Auto-spacing

          ·   Auto-capitalization

          ·   Word Prediction

          ·   Enable Tip Indicator

          ·   Vibrate on keypress

          6.     Tap to edit the following settings:

          ·   Display Trace

          ·   Word Choice Window

          ·   Speed vs. Accuracy

          ·   Auto-select word after


          Hope this helps!




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            Took me a while to find what you were talking about because on the Springboard (Android 3.2 honeycomb) you have to go:


            Go to Menu

            Tap Settings

            Tap Language & Input

            Tap Configure Input Methods

            Tap Settings (under Swype)

            Tap Word Suggestion

            Uncheck Auto-correction (and I guess Word Suggestion also, but I'll leave that one for now)

            The rest of the settings can be found at the Settings (under Swype) level



            I thank you for at least giving me a start for finding where all these goodies were hidden. I think you help was for Gingerbread or earlier.


            You were very helpful!




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              Hi Barb,


              You're welcome and thank you!  You are correct- those are the steps for Gingerbread.  


              I'm glad to hear it worked out!




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