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        There are thousands of posts on various forums on the web about this problem dating back a number of years. One user stated he sued T-Mobile while others stated they request credits every month because they are paying for a service they are not getting (picture messages). I agree with that approach and if everyone did that, T-Mobile would be more eager to get this resolved. Perhaps making the public aware of this issue, rather than posting our concerns on a support site (such as this one that gets very little attention), it might be more appropriate and get someone to actually make the necessary changes. Would multiple complaints to the FCC would do the trick?


        There is nothing magical the engineering team has to do but enter the phone's agent ID into their database (based on information I collected from other users with this problem). I have confirmed that the images are coming in at 160 x 120 and T-Mobile does this on purpose. Please read my other post here:



        Is this problem REALLY being worked on or are we being taken for a ride? It should not take months or years to get this resolved.


        I will be calling for my credit this month! I've had it!

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          Any updates?

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            I wish my picture messages showed up at all-- I can't even see them!!  It's so frustrating! I have restarted multiple times, to no avail.  This phone is causing me so much trouble.  The battery sucks (it's fully charged before I go to bed, and the battery is almost drained by morning), it doesn't play mp3's, and I can't even properly send/receive messages!  I wish someone had told me I was buying a defective phone model.  THIS SUCKS.

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              Someone who is having the same issues.  ME TOO

              I have no data, no wifi, no gps, no widgets, no syncing and my battery goes from 100-30% in five hours without even being touched - and nothing appears in 'running applications' or 'battery usage' and Tmobile keeps telling me this is normal.  Of course its not.  If you had data syncing constantly, widgets, and making calls - that still would be a bit hight.  Someone else told me they used their phone moderately and were only at 60% after 13 hours.


              But I have an even bigger issue ...The phone freezes every day - sometimes twice a day - and then when I take the battery out and try to turn it back on again, the phone starts turning on and off, on and off, on and off for hours...LAST WEEK, FOUR HOURS; YESTERDAY THREE HOURS...This morning, I woke up and I had 2 messages (I had to turn the ringer off because it would start turning off and on in the middle of the night and wake me up)...I went to unlock the phone and it froze again....Half an hour later, I still cant get the texts or make a call as the phone keeps turning off and on, off and on.  Tmobile reps either say its normal or promise to replace it and then dont.  Ive sent it in to Samsung and repair - same thing still happens - they wont tell me what if anything they fournd or did - and now tell me to send it in a second time but they still wont tell me what they find or do...and the rep even let slip that he owns an iphone.  Ive had the phone for 2 months now- its never worked for any 24 hour period without having to reset it - and its been in Samsung repair for half that time.  So yes, it sucks...but no one seems to care.  I was told to find another carrier if I wasnt happy.

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                res11295 wrote:




                Any updates?

                Sorry for the slowness on my end. No updates yet, sorry!

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                  Just thought I would add another voice to this conversation thread. I'm using a Nokia N9 on Tmobile, and have the same problem. Very tiny mms messages coming in.


                  Please add the N9 user agent to your database Tmobile...

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                    I just purchased a T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit II and I don't see any new information/help on the resizing/poor picture quality problem while texting. My Samsung Dart sends and receives text pics without resizing but the Samsung Exhibit II resizes the photos really small....  Any help????

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                      Nope, just one of many 'known issues' according to the TForce rep who emailed me too.  Also said its normal for it to freeze every day.  Great product eh\?

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                        I'd like to add another device request to the thread:


                        Motorola Karma QA1


                        It makes sense that you might not have this one in your database because its an unlocked AT&T phone. I just switched to T-Mobile, but I won't stay if I can't get picture messages that are larger than postage stamps!

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                          I made the mistake of switching over to tmobile and buying a brand new tmobile Samsung Exhibit II with extra goodies for over $300 bucks only to find out that messaging pics are pretty much useless. I've reset my account, updated software, pulled the battery and talked to lame tech for hours and still ALL of the message pics are being resized to a postage stamp size. (such BS!!!)  I guess I'll sell this tmobile phone to some other sucker on ebay!!


                          Bye bye cheap azz Tmobil.


                          So upsetting!!!!!!! 

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                            Youre lucky thats the only problem you have.  Many of us have the phone freeze every day, which several Tmobile reps have now admitted on these forums and on Twitter are 'known issues." Yet they wont replace the phone or do anything to help.  They say 'sorry you arent satisfied with our resolution" Huh?  What resolution?  My phone freezes daily and then I have to hold my breath because when I take the battery out to restart it, it then turns off and on indefinitely...If Im lucky, it does it for ten minutes; if Im unlucky, it does it for hours.


                            Ive done 5 factory resets, Ive sent it in for repair (which is useless because its a known issue and they wont even tell you what - if anything - they did to fix it.  They probably just reset it)...Ive done every test theyve told me to do - Ive replaced batteries, sd cards. Ive wasted dozens and dozens of hours and its going to be the end of me.


                            Then one rep tells me 'if youre not satisfied, you should find another carrier" - I guess he didnt get the memo from Tmobile CEO Humm that their main goal was to reduce customer churn (aka leaving).

                            Another tells me 'since your contract expired, this is a great time to buy a new phone" - WTF? I just told you I bought a new phone and its not working - so your solution is to buy another new phone?


                            The truth is they dont care.  (A Tmo store employee even told me t hat).  I dont understand their strategy in abandoning existing customers; its far from the Tmobile that I originally signed up with years ago that was known for outstanding service.


                            I guess theyve got fewer subscribers than any major carrier for a reason.  I honestly have never met another person who has Tmobile.

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                              I like you don't understand them abandoning current customers. I have been with them for over 10 years and always thought they offered great customer service. I would not say they have the best coverage but was always impressed with their customer service and that meant more to me than a few dropped calls - until now.


                              I called a few days ago to get a credit on my bill for picture messaging that I can't use whereby I am paying for a service they are not providing to me. The rep told me they would not give me a credit and besides "you don't have a supported phone". I told them this is the same problem they have with dozens of phones including the Samsung Exhibit II and the rep on the line said "oh I have that model right here and sent myself a picture message and it looks fine." YEAH RIGHT! When I threatened to cancel my account, he said "okay so should I put in a request to close your account?" I could not believe it. He did not give 2 cents about my issue or about me being a loyal customer.


                              They have me flagged now. Each time I call they rush me off the phone.


                              I am filing a complaint with the FCC. I will keep everyone posted. I encourage others to do the same! Once the claim is filed, they have 30 days to respond.




                              Federal Communications Commission

                              Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau

                              Consumer Complaints

                              445 12th Street, SW

                              Washington, D.C. 20554

                              PHONE: Toll Free: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice
                              TTY: 1-888-TELL- FCC (1-888-835-5322)
                              FAX: 202-418-0232

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                                These are all valid complaints, but I hope we'll be able to get a resolution to the particular problem that is the original topic of this thread and affects not only the Exhibit II but a bunch of other phones, and it has to be fixed on the MMS server, not on the phones themselves.


                                @brandt - please stay on top of this.  I'm sure it's not a difficult fix, and someone has to just take care of it.

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                                  Yeah, they kept telling me I dont have a TMobile branded phone so thats why I have problems.  I was like what the hell does that mean> I have a Samsung Exhibit 2 with a Tmobile logo  on it that came in a Tmobile box and was sent to me by Tmobile VP Mike Katz who doubles as Head of Prepaid.  So its just excuse after excuse.


                                  It seems the CEO says his main goal for 2012 is to keep customers from leaving but that hasnt trickled down to employees who range from inept to rude and who are telling you to go elsewhere or that you just have to deal with a phone that doesnt work.  I too have the blurry photo in text issue - plus the daily freezing.  Ive done factory resets, sent it in for repair, done more resets and the problems always reoccur.  They like to blame it on apps or your stupidity but its the hardware.  I even just got off the phone with Android Support and they said 100% this is a hardware issue.


                                  Its a new definition for getting Samsunged - Buying a Samsung phone that doesnt work and getting suckered!


                                  Everything is a known issue but they have the gall to tell you to buy a new phone to replace your new phone that doesnt work.  Its like an episode of PunkD

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                                    I am making progress and will have an update in the near future. Thank you all for being patience as we make headway and look to get those unsupported devices added to our MMSC!