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    From defective device to faulty customer service

      I am having a difficult time understanding why after 6 years of being a customer why I am not being valued.  I have given my hard earned money as a single mother to T-Mobile for SIX years!  I'm only 24.  I bought the G2X and have had T-Mobile incorporated in my life EVERY day for the past three months.  It's not right to take my money and suck up my upgrade for a device that does not work; especially when T-Mobile has acknowldeged the device is defective by doing a corporate recall.  There should be a consumer recall established.  JD Power and associates should definently revoke your customer service recognition.  I have filed a complaint to the BBB about the lack of customer service and the neglect of fixing the issue of the phone.  Even if an OTA update is released it has completely killed the joy of getting a new phone.  I literally despise this phone and everything it destroys in my life.  From having my house broken into and not being able to call for help to losing multi million dollar contracts for my company.  I have missed phone calls from my boyfriend who's in the military and from my daughter who was away at summer camp.  I have had my phone hard reset so many times I can't even tell you how many times I have had to recreate lost documents.  I can't seem to get anybody on the phone via 611 (almost as if my line has been flagged to be ignored) so I have to make a trip to the local store nearly 3-4 a week.  I was paying insurance on the device and was denied a request to have a third G2X sent to me.  My boyfriend cancelled his contract with T-Mobile after nine years due to the issues with the my touch 4g (resending text, deleting text, dropping call after call).  Why is the mytouch 4g the only phone offered as an exchange to the G2X?  The HTC Sensation is the only compatible and acceptable compensation.  Not only did I have my corporate office switch to T-Mobile as well as my best friend and three family members I had them all get the G2X - I regret not only being a loyal customer for 6 years but for also recommending them as well as an LG product to people that vent to me on a weekly basis about what a poor decision acquiring T-Mobile accounts were.  Needless to say - this is what is wrong with companies .... no problem taking consumers money but don't compensate them for what they're paying for.  I don't even get the full month service I'm paying for because my phone only works occassionally.  I was refused an exchange, refused to have my bill comped for all the inconvenience, and was refused sanity when I purchased the G2X.  I have been in 9 different stores ranging from Jacksonville, Fl to Miami, Fl - have not ran into one employee who has this device OR has anything good to say about it.  If T-Mobile employees hate this product so much imagine how the consumers feel.  It's ironic that I'm paying out my hard earned money to aquire stress from a service provider.  I have LG documentation as well as T-Mobile documentation that seem to not sync.  Interesting!  So I included all my evidence of getting the run around (not to mention I also printed out my call logs that display where I've contacted t-mobile on a regular and have been placed on hold for HOURS) in a formal complaint.  I'm the nice girl, but I don't like getting pushed around by a company just because they think the little account holders don't have a voice.  I have a voice, an opinion, and a point and will broadcast it in every way possible every day to every one / every complaint department necessary until I am satisifed and receive CUSTOMER SERVICE.  G2X owners should send T-Mobile an invoice for time, inconvenience, stress, and the price of the phone / service plan that goes unused based on faulty equipment.  LG is a horrible manufacturer and T-Mobile should have never marketed this device.  P.S. T-Mobile quit being SORRY and just listen to your customers and do the right thing - take the financial hit by recalling the device and save your reputation.  If that is at all still possible.  P.s. I had been on hold for 1 hour 6 minutes and 58 seconds with customer care without even speaking to a rep yet.  Thank you for another wasted night in my life LG and T-Mobile.

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          I was interested in reading the post, but honestly, paragraphs are your friend.

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            I know.  I am so sorry.  If I would have spoken this conversation to you it probably would have came out as one big run on sentence with no inhales in between.


            I have never been so irritated with a service provider that I pay monthly.  I'm not sure if the defective device is more frustrating or the lack of customer service.

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              I agree all I was given were 100 extra minutes split into 2 months I just laughed and said to the report how am I going to use the minutes if I can't even use the darn phone.  The reps are so clueless and they read from a script given to them. I hate that we are being treated this way and I just don't have the time to waste calling these fools.  I'm always on hold for an hour or more. Tmobile show u care for your customers!!!
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                The OTA started rolling out today and the manual update can be done through LGs software updater(check Tmonews.com for a link or one of the threads here).  It has alleviated a vast majority of the issues that people were having.

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                  it's almost like it's an epidemic at T-Mobile.  as if a memo that read "see how long you can go without answering your customer service lines on your shift.  also, in the event a G2X owner calls ... do NOT I repeat do NOT pacify them or make this situation right!" 


                  Surely there has to be a loop hole somewhere.  Maybe a numer or an e-mail address to someone who isn't reading off a piece of paper but rather can rationalize the situation maybe even sympathize but above all else satisfy! 

                  I made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau last week.  I also am going to find away to contact JD Power and Assoc. and have that "rated #1 in customer service" award revoked!  I believe it is no longer valid.


                  I also wonder how at&t feels about the company they are about to merge with when they read up on all the angry complaints. 


                  So many things to take into consideration when really just initially taking the financial blow of a recall could have eliminated all the long term issues T-Mobile is going to end up facing.  Reputation is everything.  That applies if your an individual OR a large well known company / service provider.  Word of mouth is the best advertisment now. 


                  For some idiotic reason I'm hanging in as a loyal customer praying they make things right.  If I showed everything I have documented since my issues with the G2X began it would appear that T-Mobile should pay me to continue to be a customer and not expose all the information I've collected.  What horrible business ethics they've recently displayed.

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                    I agree 100% and yes it is a fact that companies are able to track the phone number and do indeed put you on a runaround if they dont want to talk to you anymore.  I do not know if tmobile does this but i do know for a fact that others do. 1 i dealt with i could  not get to a rep. if i called with a differnt number than i was answered in 10 seconds but as soon as i told them who i was i was tranferred to noone or put on internal hold.


                    Not only are they not recalling they are seeling the phone again just because of the gb update which still doesn not fix many of the problems. and they even list an easy way to turn off carhome (which shouldnt run all the time and restart to begin with) but this easy turn off doesnt exist.


                    I was told that the insurance was good because i could go through tmobile for replacements if i had prioblems rather than have to go through the manufacturer but that is not whats happening many are being sent to LG.(not all apparently) but many.


                    many just wanted Gb so as long as the phone runs enough they will forget all this the past 3 months. not me lg and tmobile wont be in my life once something decent is released on verizon.  and i was a loyal LG guy everything i owned that was possible was lg.  i have since sold all but 1 tv and replaced with other alternatives. 

                    I just moved to tmobile for the g2x i had heard what a great company and customer service they had.  i was only woried about connection(coming from att to verizon i didnt want another connection like att)  but i asked around and looked at teh maps and where i live tmobile actually has the best service and speeds avaialble.  so it turned out the only problem was the one i wasnt worried about.


                    I dont know what the great customer service was but i guess i missed it. 

                    I havent had anything but lies, deception and misleading drag on stuff ot get me to go past my 2 weeks since i got this phone.


                    It is actually running ok now. although i have had 3 lock ups needing battery removal in last 3 days since lg update.


                    But the last 3 months have totally ruined my excitment for having this beast of a phone and i just cant get excited about it anymore.  at least i am using it now it sat for 2 months worthless to me. But the update did at least make it usable.


                    I already have a buyer for it for 200 as long as everything works.  but i have to give it to her for a week to test out and make sure it works good enough for her so that sale will probably fall through unless the lock ups stop.


                    at least tmobiles etf is only 200.  not 350 like verizon but i still have my verizon and upgrade is good august 28th and rumor is galaxy x2 august 12 on verizon but dont know if it will be 4g or not and it appears the att version has a keyboard, which i dont need. have one on my droid it looks brand new


                    I feel your pain.  and feel exactly the same as you do about support related to this device.

                    i just called tmobile about a week ago. and they totally denied any known problems with the g2x.  I actaully asked to talk to someone else due to this and than that person said oh im sorry that person was looking at the wrong phone.


                    As i have ssaid before it wsnt that the phone was released with problems that happens. it is totally the atitude, lack of communication and deception that has ruined lg and tmobile in my plans for the future.

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                      Funny thing about the update - I obtained a printed out e-mail from one of the T-Mobile locations that was sent internally on Friday July 22, 2011.  I downloaded all of the needed LG software to my personal lap top last night and attempted to do the update; I got a message telling me I already had that software installed on my device.  So I attempted to go in an manually update my phone which is where I got an error message saying "connection failed caused by authentication error".  I waited for the OTA update today and got nothing!  Attempted both the LG softwar update from my laptop and manual update through my device only to receive the same messages.  My best friend (whom I convinced to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile to get the G2X) became a customer back in the beginning of May and she received an update this morning around 1:30 am.  I have been a customer for more than 1/2 a decade and have not received anything!  Wondering why I've had such an issue getting what I paid for - a working mobile device.

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                        eagle1967 - i absolutely love your response!  Actually made me feel a little better to know that someone else was viewing it the same way i was.  The update, if it works or not, doesn't matter - I now have to wait an entire year to qualify for an upgrade to be excited about having a new phone.  I didn't get a new phone because I needed one.  I got a new phone because it's a slight electronic thrill to have a new product and learn all the things it can do. 


                        I miss my old phone!  And yes, at one point in time T-Mobile had the best customer service.  I had never had a bad experience with them.  It seems as if once the announcemnt that at&t was merging with them in addition to the release of the most ridiculous phone manufactured (obviously the G2X) it's as if they just don't care any more until the merge is complete or until the LG product is resolved.

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                          nmcphun wrote:

                          My best friend (whom I convinced to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile to get the G2X) became a customer back in the beginning of May and she received an update this morning around 1:30 am.  I have been a customer for more than 1/2 a decade and have not received anything!  Wondering why I've had such an issue getting what I paid for - a working mobile device.

                          The update is being rolled out.  They do that for all updates.  The Mytouch 4G 2.3.4 update started recently too but many don't have it.  They do it that way to hear about any problems in the updating process or if some issues that were not discovered are found by customers.  If they sent out the update to all the customers at the same time and there was a major issue then you'd not only have the people who have had problems continue to be angry but all the customers who had perfectly working G2xs being angry also.

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                            nmcphun wrote:


                            I had never had a bad experience with them.  It seems as if once the announcemnt that at&t was merging with them in addition to the release of the most ridiculous phone manufactured (obviously the G2X) it's as if they just don't care any more until the merge is complete or until the LG product is resolved.

                            The same things were being said with the HTC HD2, Motorla Cliq and Cliq XT, except there was no talk of a merger.  Those three phones were/are very problematic phones because of the software and the bad thing is that they were never fixed( HD2 had the poorly running Windows 6.5 and Motoblur was a trainwreck with the Cliqs). 


                            T-mobile is stuck with what the manufacturer is willing to do on these issues, since they dictate the warranty and return policies.  The manufacturers usually want to do what's right for the company or else their phones might not be chosen for the next round of phones.  I noticed that LG showed off the two latest phones and they'll be going to other carriers but T-mobile didn't jump on those. 

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                              I feel your pain.  I paid good money for an early upgrade on the g2x, and it has been utter disappointment.  I have talked to tmobile several times, had the sim card replaced twice, did multiple factory resets, and recently recieved replacement g2x.  and guess what, the problems are even worse.  This is getting ridiculous now, and I too have complained about it.  I paid alot of money for a top tier phone, and pay good money to use it every month, all I ask for is to have a top tier phone that works when I need it.  I love the g2x, however the constant crashing of the phone has left me with regrets of going with the g2x over the sensation.  This is my second day with the replacement, and it has reset on me 10 times, froze up 5 times (had to do a battery pull), and keeps dropping signal.  The only way i could use my phone is while connected to wifi, however now it keeps dropping the wifi connection as well. 

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                                Tmobile may be stuck with what the phone maker gives they are not stuck with lying and not communcating and not insure their customer service has any idea whats going on.

                                We all know that tmobile pulled the phone due to the quality they lied and said it was inventory issues what a break those stock problems were fixed the same day as the ota how lucky.  and they are giving the g2x away for free for the next few days although i still think at free you are over paying.


                                again due to the phone itself and lg's actions i will never purchase an lg product again.

                                I will be leaving tmobile as soon as the galaxy x2 comes to verizon(august 12th???? )

                                and this has nothing to do with that the g2x is crud thats LG. it has to do with how tmobile has handeled the entire issue.

                                I do not like being lied to , mislead shoot just a week ago i called and told oh whats the problem i havent heard of any problems with the g2x its a great phone.

                                and we have all seen the response in the forums oh wait cant see most of it that forum has been shredded.

                                I cant believe tmobile is selling the phone again. unless the ones they are selling are different hardware or have a different os than this update.

                                as i said earlier the customer service was the only concern i didnt have, funny how these things work out.

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                                  T-Mobile - Maybe there should be more testing involved in a phone before it's placed on your shelfs and sold to millions of your customers who trust your service.  You would be the leading phone provider if you weren't so worried about trying to get ahead of the other guys.  Nearly all newly marketed cell phones have issues; but the G2X is drastic.  All cell phone users want is a decent working device that does not cause so much chaos in their lifes.  Technology should make life easier not make me see / talk to my cell phone provider more than I do my grandmother. 


                                  I have spent nearly every day for the past two weeks communicating with T-Mobile in some type of way.  I've been in the stores, I've been on their Facebook, I've been on this forum, complaining to the BBB, and the FCC, I've been venting about this phone and this service to ALL people who will listen. 


                                  The correct thing to do here would have been to take the phone back and reissue my upgrade towards the HTC Sensation. 


                                  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT????


                                  Apparently companies get so caught up in their little legal loop holes to get out of doing the right thing they forgot what customer service is really about.  Ethics apparently do not apply towards T-Mobile any more. 


                                  I almost want to place a bet that says the higher ups in your company are not walking around using the G2X to communicate to each other. 


                                  Listen to your customers.  They are what created you into the large company you are now.  You are naive if you think the people who built you can't also disassemble you.  (This is not a threat in any way just so we are clear for legal purposes).  I am simply stating that the people writing on this thread (as well as ALL the other threads of this phone) are compalining because they are not being taken care of by the company they give their hard earned working money to.


                                  Behind every great story about people vs corporation their was a common interest.  Apparently your G2X owners are commonly interested in having a working device. 


                                  ****Quit apologizing or justifying and just make it right.*****  We should not continue to have to thread about the same issue that T-mobile has already admitted was a problem. 


                                  Bottom line - instead of making an optional consumer recall and biting the finances; T-Mobile has placed the burden upon their loyal contract holders.  What a shame this company used to be reputable.  Bring on the AT&T merge!!!!  We can't wait to experience REAL customer service again!!!!

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                                    sorry to inform you but i had att.  wher do you think tmobile has learneed this.  ATT customer servicfe is horriid.

                                    I had cingular and service was great then they bought att and changed their name to att.  each year (6 years) the service got worse.  i called them the last time and they said a tower had gone down and wouldnt be replaced.  ( we had a tornado and it took out the tower)  i said that i cant get a signal at my house unless i lean out the window on my second floor. they told me that if i found a place they could lease they might put up a tower

                                    this is a true story.  2 months later my contract was up and i was gone.

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