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can I download pictures from previous account?

Hello and Happy New Year. I am a newbie to the android world. I had some previous problems with my last two phones. I have been a T-Mobile customer since 2007.I started having problems a while after my first upgrade to a "Razor". However, I worked through it. I had (or still have) an online photo album with my "Razor". At least when I log in to T-Mobile the albums still appear. Since then I upgraded to a Blackberry "Bold 9700".In which I used the Flicker app. In either case I still had the T-mobile photo album online with pictures still there. Never saw my photos in "Flicker" so assuming they were still in the T-Mobile online album. How ever you the know the ole saying about "assuming", it makes an @#$ out of you and me. Anyways, I had a malfunction with my Blackberry Bold 9700 to the point of no repair was told to me by the store representative. Limited for time and no repair possible I was close to my upgrade. So I upgraded to the Samsung Exhibit II 4g. After a few weeks of getting aquainted with the functions I deceided I would give it a try to download all my pictures from the previous phones to my now Android. Well that has not happened. So my question is now; Is it possible to get those pictures as well as contacts downloaded to the Android? Or what are my options? I know they are there because I can pull it up and view the pictures and I can see the number of contacts but cannot sync or view the list of contacts from online. Thus I can print the listing. But nothing with the pictures can be sent to my Android.

Also after leaving the state I was in and tinkering with my Blackberry Bold 9700 it mysteriously illuminated and charged, imagine that. Now I feel miss led into purchasing a new phone early as well as still having the forementioned problem areas. I am somewhat satisfied with the Android to an extent but not satisfied that I am now an owner of a safisticated phone that cannot recover my assets. I am beginning to wonder about how technology can be at an advantage more so than a convenience. Or did I just get "Scamed" by my representaive and carrier. Please advise at your earliest and thanks in advance. I can eloborate more info if needed.


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    For the contacts you should be able to do the following:


    From any home screen

    press menu

    tap settings

    tap accounts and sync

    if you see tmobile contacts or something similar you can tap on it and then for a sync here if you don't see it continue

    tap add account

    tap tmobile contacts

    enter your information for logging into your tmobile.com account


    To send your pictures back to your phone, your best bet is to send them to your email and download them to the phone that way:


    access your myalbum online

    click the "send as message"

    in the "search/add" bar type in your gmail address that is setup on your phone here

    click the "+" button directly to the right of that field

    click the "add attachment from album" link and select a few photos

    click ok and then send

    once the email arrives on your phone open the email

    you may have to tap "show pictures" at the top

    scroll down through the email you may see them twice but on the bottom ones you will see a download button to place them directly on the phone


    Let us know how it goes,

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    Thank you for your quick response. It was indeed helpful.While awaiting a response I reviewed the help files. I learned that I could also transfer my pictures form the Tmo MyLifeAlbum to the Picasa picture editor that I have installed on my Android and laptop. I just logged in selected the pictures as a group and used the drag and drop on the Picasa Icon. This worked very well for me and solved my problem for the pictures. I used your solution for my contacts list and that solved my contact list problem. Thanks again for your help.



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    Fantastic glad you got it all up and running!