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        Thanks to cel and arnaudsj-- I was finally able to get it working. As footnote, I uninstalled WebConnect and reinstalled the mid-Dec upgrade using an administrator account. Then used arnaudsj's (post #6) command line in terminal as described by cel in the post above this one. Oh, and I booted into 32 bit mode first, though it now works fine in 64 bit as well. (For anyone who wants to try that, hold down the 3 and the 2 keys during start-up to boot into 32-bit mode. The next time you restart your computer, it will automatically revert to 64-bit mode.).


        For what it's worth, I was recently informed by T-Mobile tech support that they aren't officially supporting Lion for these devices because Apple has failed to provide them with the necessary information. Who knows. And thanks again to all for their help.

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          finally this worked wonderfully, and for neophytes, install the Java update, the T-mobile device, and then, using the Terminal in the Utility folder, the listed command beginning sudo mv, etc....



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            Hi there,


            I tried to do the command but it says


            "mv: rename /opt/dplat/lib/libsqlite3.dylib to /opt/dplat/lib/libsqlite3.orig: No such file or directory"


            don't know what went wrong here...


            any advice?

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              bluedaniel86: I initially got that message in terminal also...it worked after a number of updates and re-installs. I'm not sure that step is still even necessary. Make sure you have the most recent java update and the most recent webconnect software. (uninstall and re-install if needed). Try a few times and see what happens, and then try re-running the terminal command if the updates don't do the trick alone. Beyond that...not sure. Let us know how it goes, and good luck!

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                yeah, I tried that quite few times.


                No luck for me so far...


                Here's my JAVA and webConnect Manager version:








                I guess I will keep trying...


                Thanks for the quick reply, anyway.




                BTW I think the "MacUserStartHere.html" in the stick packge is the most useless thing I've ever see.

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                  Thank you to arnaudsj.  That was the fix with the terminal command and installing the Java update.  I can't believe T-Mobile doesn't fix this or at least promote this solution.  I was on the phone with their tech support when I found this solution and implemented it.  I told their tech support guy that this is what worked but they ignore me.  Lousy T-Mobile.

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                    I have a question unrelated to this post but as I am a total newbie who knows absolutely nothing perhaps someone can direct me where to post my question.


                    I have a Mac with Snow Leopard and want to know if I can use the $70 Monthly 4G unlimited plan for home internet and phone...phone I will need to purchase. I am not interested in anything with caps...so fyi in advance...no need to suggest it. Where should I post?




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                      I just want to add that Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion does work... if you do some tricks.  Use the installer from the USB drive inside the 4G USB device.  Newer versions were no improvement.  Next, the script above needs to be altered in Terminal:


                      sudo cp /opt/dplat/lib/libsqlitezte3.dylib /opt/dplat/lib/libsqlite3.orig

                      I believe this will work.  You can type this in Terminal to see what you have: cd /opt/dplat/lib followed by ls.  That will list the files you have.  The object is to rename it to libsqlite3.orig so Tmobile can see it.  This isn't very technical and the device does work FINE with Mac OS X 10.8!  Have fun

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                        Do what cel recommended or get a CradlePoint Router

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