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    Lost Cellular Signal with no explanation...need help please

      I have 4 tmobile cell phones for my family and myself & have had trouble with my husbands cell from day 1.

      It has no signal at all, the wifi works great, when I go to operator selection it does a search and at&t & tmobile come up , when I click on tmobile it says..... your sim card does not allow a connection to this network, this just happened almost 5 days ago. if I click select automatically, it says its registered on  network. yet its not 


      when I click on Access Point Names:  it shows T-Mobile Us... under that it says .... epc.tmobile.com.

      the dot on the right is grayed out, I click it and it turns green but still nothing. i dont know what else to do, this has never happened before, I called customer service over the past few days and they did several things to try and resolve the problem, the sim card is fine, nothing wrong with it, the phone is showing its connected to tmobile on their end. I am at a loss, I pay a lot of money a month for these cell phones & my husband is without his cell each month more than he gets to use it, is very upsetting, can someone please help me as I am not getting anywhere with calling tmobile, a ticket was filed & I never got a phone call back to help me.

      the phone is a Motorola Cliq and I recently had a new 1 sent last week because we keep having issues with the phone freezing up , no signal but at least it came on sometimes, and the touch screen keeps messing up very badly. & for as much as I pay.... they will not allow me to just get a new cell all together because my upgrade isn't due for another 13 months. can someone please help me out here sorry this is soo long but I am really at my wits end here..  any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance,

      AnitaPepsi  :Þ.