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Samsung Galaxy SII  - enable 4G

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S II unlocked version and been using for some days. I am unable to enable 4 G or the phone would not run on 4G network. Instead it picks up only Edge. I have been trying to resolve this with customer support with no luck. They redirected me to Samsung UK support and no luck either. I am so frustrated to use a 4G phone on Edege. I hope someone can help me resolve this issue. This is my last attempt before ditching Tmobile.



Samsung Galaxy S II

OS - Ginger Bread (latest updated)

I am not able to change the Radio band to GSM Auto PRL in the root. Currently it is to GSM/CDMA Auto PRL.  (Installing Network did not help either)

Network setting if i set to WCDMA there is no data signal. Currently set to GSM/WCDMA Auto.


Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.