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Ovi Store will not Launch!

The Ovi store will not launch, even if I press the green launch button. It either stays on the launch screen or tells me that the maximun number of pop-ups is already maxed. Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated!!

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    If you have successfully downloaded what you want, do bother with the "launch" button in the Ovi Store. Just exit the store and find what you have downloaded and launch it from the icon on apps screens.


    Next time you go to the Ovi Store, the launch button won't be there.


    As far as max number of pop-ups, you can press you options button and look for Open Applications and kill a few by hitting the red X  on the pages, then poke and return to the Ovi Store in the same screen.



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    i cant even launch into the ovi store,my screen stays blank

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    @Phatgirl83 I would reccomend doing a master reset on the device



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    Be careful with Nokia resets. First try on and off power recycle - no need to wait a couple of minutes between turning on and off like Android phones. Second, usually there is a hard on and off - hold power off down until feel three pulses - this shuts down the phone and rebuilds the memory - this should be all that inexperienced users do.


    There are 2 factory resets - one thru menu and one thru a combination of key presses - Do Not Use These unless you have everything - and I do mean Everything backed up - this will rebuild the phone from the factory eeprom and you will lose all data that you have added. I do not recommend this.


    There is a new Ovi Store program and I sincerely recommend that it be installed but you must do it from the (ex Ovi Now) Nokia Suite from your computer. This is the best way to make sure everything is correctly installed. Go to Nokia USA and get it from the support area.


    You also might now have enough memory in your phone if you have too many things downloaded. Check the apps manager and look if there are some you have downloaded and do not use and uninstall them.