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    LG Doubleplay Hotspot & USB Tethering Problems

      hello i recently just got my lg doubleplay. i used to have the motorola cliq 2. i am always using my hotspot and it worked perfectly on my motorola, but i just cant seem to get it to work. it shows on my computer and i can connect to it, but when i do connect to it gives no internet, aan exclamation mark appears on the internet access. please help me on that. because i need my hotspot desperatly.


      also on the usb tethering, how do i get that to work i went to the website to download what it wanted me to but when i downloaded it saved it and opened it it opened up notepad and it had some confusing reading i didnt understand and some werent words. is it because i downloaded it on google chrome?

      and i followed the steps it had but i could only go so far because my phone kept asking to download the windows xp...


      now if you could please help i would be very greatful,,,thank you !