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    2.3.4 breaks tethering

      I need some assistance ASAP.  I installed the OTA update to 2.3.4 on my sensation 4G over the Holidays.  Went back to work this week to find that the USB tethering is not working.  I need this feature to be functional for my job.  I am connecting to Windows 7 (64bit) and recieve the driver not found message for the Android device.  Is there a hot fix available, outside of rooting my phone.  Please HELP!!!

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          I *believe* the tethering driver is located on the device.  There might be a chance you can find it packaged in a .exe on the phone which is worth a shot I guess...

          When you conect the device, connect it in Storage mode (not tethering) and browse it.  I believe a file HTCDriver.exe is there.  Copy it to your computer. 

          and Install the driver and see if that does the trick(If you can't find it, you can at least try WiFi hotspot referenced below, should give you the same results if your win 7 system has WiFi).




          You can also try WiFi hotspot and see if that works as an alternative.

          Directions for that can be found here:


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            You ARE paying the 14.99/mo for the Tethering option, right?


            The only complaints I've heard have been people who are still trying to tether without paying for it, as required by T-Mobile.

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              You only have to pay that for wifi tethering.

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                It's tethering whether wifi or usb.

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                  That's not what my contract says.

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                    Please tell us what your contract says, word for word.


                    The Terms & Conditions says in section 11:


                    Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your Device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, using your Device as a modem or tethering your Device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted.


                    This clause is supersceded if you have the 14.99/mo tethering plan.

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                      That worked perfectly! Thank you so much!!!

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                        Bottom line cv_steve, your tethering connection WILL go out again if you don't pay.


                        Even people like me who are rooted with a customize ROM can't get away without paying now.  (Not that I've tested that to see, but I've heard/read enough to know everybody not paying are starting to say their connections drop.)


                        It does not matter what device or version is being used on the device.  (Does not matter if someone updates or not.)  T-Mobile knows how to detect the tethering on their end.  A long thread that was on the old forum explained the technical details, but fact is they do know when tethering is going on.  In the past T-Mobile just let everyone do it without cutting the connection.  But now T-Mobile is starting to cut it on people who don't pay.


                        So even if your tethering is working for the moment without paying.  Don't get comfortable and assume it will continue working.  Odds are you're going to see it drop again.