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    HTC Radar MMS NOT sending

      I have recently upgraded to the HTC Radar a few days ago and have had problems sending Multmedia Messages (MMS) out. I can recieve them just fine, but I keep getting a message saying Can't Send. Please Try Again. I can click to send multiple times without it going through. I don't understand what the problem is and I have done a little bit of Google research and I am not the only one having this issue. What can I do to fix this?

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          I have the same problem. I can also send regular SMS message fine. Frustrating because this is suppose to be a smartphone and sending MMS should be no problem.

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            Yeah, this has been happening since day one... It says " Can't send message. Try again. "  I can also send regular SMS messages fine too. I am happy to know I am not the only one with this issue, however, want some resolution for all of us with this problem. I thought perhaps there was something wrong with the service, but it happens everywhere I go, regardless of if I am at home or at work........ hmmmm frustrating and I agree, smartphone should be smart lol

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              What I would do is call into Tech care, just tested on on 3 different Radars and seems to be fine. Is this happening after the update??

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                It's intermittent for me. I haven't figured out a pattern yet. I'll call tech care.

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                  I have had problems sending MMS as well, but not all the time. For me it usually happened when I did not have a good 4G or 2G signal.

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                    OK. If you have trouble sending a picture with your text. You need to check whether your data is on. NOT WiFi. When you send a picture, your text uses MMS and it uses your data plan and not WiFi. For all other simple text uses SMS, and it does not use your data.


                    In Sum:

                    1. Picture with text uses MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) = and MMS uses your data plan. Therefore turn your data on. MMS does not use your WiFi. Go to "Settings" -> "cellular" -> "data connection" tap "on"


                    2. Texts without pictures use SMS (Short Message Service) = and it does not use your data plan. Therefore you could have set your cellular data "off."


                    3. Also to RECEIVE text with pictures (MMS) = you need have your smartphone data plan "ON". If it is "OFF" then you will see the message, "Can't get media content."

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                      Everybody already said they are receiving MMS but cannot send them, so that troubleshooting explanation doesn't really apply to this situation (and to the guy who said to call troubleshooting: if you think someone else should answer the question and not you, why did you reply?  Why are you on this forum at all?).  I found that this tends to happen where the cellular data signal is relatively weak but the wifi signal is strong.  Your phone will try to do everything through wifi, but it can't do that with picture messages.  All you have to do is turn wifi off, send the picture, then when it's been received turn the wifi back on and enjoy your extra data speed.

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                        Hi jaybee83, the suggestion to call Technical Care for troubleshooting was a result of not being able to resolve the issue here on the forum based on the basic info that was provided, and in the interest of getting them to someone who could help fix it quickly rather than wait a tbd amount of time for an answer to arrive on the forum, should they want to pursue that option. 

                        Those of us on here trying to help resolve stuff dont necessarily have all of the same tools to look at network factors that our on-call technical care team is able to do real-time over the phone with the customer who is experiencing the issue - in the case of a referral of that type, more specific questions can often be asked and the answers used to pinpoint possible causes. 

                        Thus...we will always do our best to resolve whatever the question posed on here and in most cases we will get it done with the help of other users here on the forums, and if the scenario variables indicate Tech Care can go deeper in troubleshooting, we will refer you to them in order to get the best resource engaged to fix the problem. 


                        Hope that helps clarify. 

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                          We are on the phone with tech support about my sons phone. He is having the same but can't send or receive mms. So I came to this site and read about turning wifi off. It worked but my question is this.

                          I'm on T-mobile and with my Samsung  Galaxy SII, I an able to send and receive mms. Also I can get mms or send to people on other carriers.

                          He is being told he can't get mms or send to people on other carriers. Am I missing something. He is at I think level 2 or 3 of tech help. This call started at 2pm I think. Might have been 3pm.

                          It took me searching google all of 2 min to find about the wifi issue, which does not make sense. So at least we got that figured. The only thing I can figure is HTC phones can't send or receive mms like Samsung phones.

                          Also HTC phones on T-Mobile are not compatable with other carriers like Samsung phones.

                          But wait this is the 21 century and not using drums to communicate anymore.

                          I think it is related to the size of pictures they are trying to send to each other. In all jest aside Tech Support has been really trying to figure it out and have been nice to him.

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                            I believe the technical support does not what he/she is talking about. I think they just troubleshoot and follow what they have in a chart. You can definetly send MMS to any carrier that you want to. However, the person on the receiving end needs to have a high end phone (at least a good smartphone) as well to receive it because the mms that you send won't be compatible with the low end phones. Also, you won't be able to send MMS  if you have a low data connection signal or have turned off your data connection. It needs atleast a 3G connection to send the MMS. If you are on 2G then it is not guaranteed. It depends on the size of the MMS that you are trying to send. Turning on wifi will not help because your phone will not use it to send MMS.

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                              I can't send MMS if 4G AND Wifi are on. I have to turn off Wifi.

                              sucks if you ask me.

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                                yes hg205, I beleive that is a bug in HTC radar 4G. It is the same issue as the internet slowing down when wifi and 4G are both turned on. I hope they come up with a fix for that.

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                                  They keep telling us to contact TECH SUPPORT about the issue !!!! Well I have 5 times now and have spent hours on the phone with them and they cant find why the HTC RADAR 4 G will not send Picture messages....They keep telling me that they have never heard of this problem that we are all talking about here on there own web site.....Come on at least try to give me a reason that i dont know is BS....Has anyone one here found out how to fix the issue????????? 

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                                    OK, as I have indicated before:

                                    MMS uses your data connection not your WiFi.

                                    To send and receive a photo text:


                                    1. Your Data connection MUST be ON. For me, whether your WiFi was on or off, it didn't have any effect on sending/receiving picture text. Text messages with photos use MMS and not SMS, therefore you need to have your cellular Data ON to send AND receive photo texts.

                                    2. Your Data connection must be above 2G or phone connection (antenna bars must be more than 2 bars). If you have a bad a connection, then you will receive plain text messages, but not text with photos. It will give you an error message wither "can't send, try again" or "can't get media content"

                                    3. My wife (who also has Radar 4G) and I are able to send picture texts with no problems now.

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