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BUG: Wifi Calling and New Voicemail Notification Problem

There appears to be a bug with the latest update pushed to the SGS II that includes the wifi calling feature. It seems that when checking VMs while wifi calling is enabled, the phone is never notified that all VMs have been listened to (and deleted). The "New Voicemail" notification icon remains in the notification bar at the top and never goes away.


In order to get rid of the notification (rebooting the phone doesn't seem to help at all), I turn off the wifi calling, leave myself a VM, then check the VM by calling the VM number and deleting it. Once I do that, the phone is notified that all VMs have been listened to and the notification goes away.


I have searched for this issue and it seems that there are a few people that are experiencing the same thing. I can pretty consistently reproduce the issue, so it seems like a bug with the latest update.