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    Phone shuts off --- My Touch 4G slide

      Is anyone having this problem while on a phone call? My phone turns off while I am on a call. I am so frustrated!

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          This is definitely not normal, have you already tried doing a reset? This problem sounds software related and a reset would fix it. Also have you received your update yet?

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            I have the same issue with mine. I did the restore step by step with Tmobile 2 times. What they told me was to do a restore an dont re-add any apps for 48 hours an if it still does it, then a replacement phone was the next step

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              Sometimes this is an indication that you have a virus on your phone. If the above steps does not resolve the issue, plug your phone into your computer, transfer all the data on your SD card to your computer then delete everything on your SD card. From there, do a factory reset on your phone


              hold volume down key and press power to turn on (don't let go of the volume down key)

              when you see the androids release the volume down key

              tap the volume down key to highlight the factory reset option



              If this still fails to resolve the issue, then contact Tmobile to do more troubleshooting. Just take in mind to document what you do and what day you did it on. This will help eliviate Tmobile doing a hundred troubleshooting test and possibly send you a replacement on the first call.



              Hopefully if you have a virus on your phone, your computer will catch the virus with an antivirus software. I suggest investing in NOD32 (49.99 for 1 license or 79.99 for 3 license). It hasnt failed me nor have I had to do a 3-6 months ritual of factory resetting my computer like I had to on Norton and McAfee.

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                I had the same problem. I did everything they told me to do. They ended up sending me a new phone about 8 days ago. Just today it started with the same problems. There is no virus. I didn't add most of my apps from my first phone in to this one either. It appears to happen when the phone gets hot from me either talking on the phone or playing a game. Very disapppointed.

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                  Did you delete the context on your SD card and reboot your phone with the factory settings as stated in my last reply? The virus issue will not be on your phone, but on your SD card and cause similar malfunctions. If you have not tried my recommended advice, do that and see what happens. (If you try to do a factory reset on your phone with the SD card plugged into your phone and theres a virus on the SD card, you will not resolve that issue. and since most do not have a antivirus on your phone, anything that you download gets attached to your SD card unless you specify other wise.)


                  If your phone is constantly getting hot after you follow the recommended steps, you may need a new battery. And once you have gotten a new battery, do you still have the same issue? If so, give your phone time to cool down between charging, using the phone or playing a game. You maybe using your phone to much at that point and not allowing for a cool down and like any other electronic equipment, it will randomly shut down. But the shutting off randomly (especially during a call or text retreival or sending) has been linked to VIRUS (anything to malware or trojan) on your SD card (not your phone).

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                    @ reply to rgenadek. Thank you for your suggestions. However, I've done all you requested on my old phone and on my brand new one. I also had  virus software installed. If I have to hang up from a 10 minute phone call and not play games because my phone gets hot, then what's this phone good for? I rarely talk on the phone! I had 2 games on my phone and didn't play them often. I think it's a bad phone.

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                      Running anti virus software causes more problems then it prevents.

                      Try doing a master reset and skip the sign in and take out your sd card for a few days with no applications.

                      If it is happening with in those conditions no app and no sd next test another battery.

                      If still failing then we know is the phone., not until then though.

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                        You said it perfectly Theartiszan! Considering anti-virus's do not check the SD card. I know this because I have had the issue on my Mytouch 4g and had to follow my recommendation to remove it.


                        A few other things to consider, if you can access a program through the web-browser, dont download the appl. This will bog down the network access causing your phone to be constantly running. So banking , Facebook, E-mail programs and so forth. This will reduce battery drainage as well (which causes your phone to damage the battery and have a hot to the touch phone). Remember, the recommended battery specs is by keeping the phone as basic as you got it brand new with pre-installed programs.


                        I wish you the best of luck and hope the phone starts working for you.

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                          Okay so how do I do a reset? My Son is the one who usually fixes my internet/phone issues, but he is away at UC Davis and will not be home until Spring Break,,,should I receive a new update>

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                            Soft reset - power off phone and restart


                            Hard reset - power off phone, take out battery, sim, SD card, leave out for a few min, then place all back into phone and startup


                            Factory reset - settings -> SD & phone storage -> at bottom there is the factory reset tab.


                            the first two resets usually fix things, however the factory reset is like a last resort, cause it will reset you phone to "out of the box" condition. Also this erases all data from the phone (ie, apps, settings, data)


                            Hope this helps.

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                              Interesting that others are seeing this on their MyTouch 4G Slide.  My wife is seeing the same issue a couple times per week on her phone.  Almost always while on a call, though not always.  I'll have her keep track if the phone feels warmer when it does happen.  I may have her try the phone reset, though I see others still with the problem, even after reseting the phone. 


                              Anybody with the update (which was halted in January) see the same phone crashing during phone calls?