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    OTA froze my phone

      i relunctly went ahead to accept the update with phn plugged in and its been on the white screen that says software up date for 3hrs now. it will not change. I've taken the battery out 3 times now only for it to come back on to the same white screen and just sit there. I have tried to do a soft reset by holding the power button with the toggle button at the same time. the screen goes black the phn just vibrates but nothing happens when i release it it comes back on and back to the white screen. I've called tmobile and samsung and the only thing they recommend is master reset which i will loose all of my info. which i cannot do bc i have items saved on the phone itself.


      does anyone know of any other way i can get my phn back without a master reset????

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          You can't get past the white screen? IE: when turning device on the only thing that shows after booting up is the white screen? If that's the case, how would you do a master reset anyways? If you can still get into your settings, I would advise you start moving your important "info" to an sd card. Master reset only effects the device not your external sd card.

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            exactly it will not go to any screen but the white update screen. i've tried everything. i was on chat with samsung and the master reset you do by holding the power button and the volume up + down button all at the same time. another sreen is suppose to pop up and you choose master reset but it won't even do that. that is what i've tried before and it just vibrates and when i release the buttons it just goes right back to the white screen.

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              Boot menu. That's what they are trying to get you into. Hold power and volume -/+ at same time. When the device vibrates, let go of ONLY the power button. Then you will see the boot menu. When that pops up let go of the volume rocker and do as they instructed.

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                tried it didn't work it. held down all three then when it vibrated i let go of the pwr button, still holding the volume +/- and the phn just turned back on to the white screen.

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                  In that case, you need them to replace your device. Any other option I could give you would void your warranty. Sorry that nothing helped.

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                    i appreciate your help. i just can't belive this has happened. Like  the phn isn't even 6mths old. smh. thanks though. if i rooted this thing i know i wouldn't be having these issues. (note to self when i get me replacement.) 

                    Have a wonderful new year.

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                      Nope. Rooted you wouldn't have these issues. Fyi, 15mins after receiving the SGSII, I was already rooted and had a custom ROM. LOL, I don't even know what this device looks like stock. I'm one of the old timers back from the G1(I've owned 9 Android devices) days and have only been stock with the Vibrant... but alas was only stock for 3 months before the "itch" got ahold of me. If I was you, I would get on the phone and make sure they send you a new device. Hopefully this issue won't plague you again. Bricks do happen with updates but you were the first one I've heard reporting one. Good luck!

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                        keyla if attempting to do the master reset with the hardware buttons doesn't succeed it looks as though you will have to replace the phone, can you private message me your name, mobile number, and last 4 of your social so that I can access your account?




                        private message me by clicking my name and then the "send private message" on the right

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                            If you still haven't fixed this there is a way to solve the problem without losing any data on your phone. I just fixed a phone after Tmobile tech support wanted to send me a junk refurbished phone to replace the 20 day old brand new phone that thier forced update broke. No thanks, fixed it myself.


                            It's real simple to fix. Put the phone in download mode and install the official updated rom. The phone I did this on had the exact same issue. Tmobile tech support wanted me to do a master reset but like yours that would not work, thankfully because had it worked I would have lost all my 1 and 2 year daughters xmas morning pics and the blame would have been directly on tmobile.


                            Message me if you need details on how to fix your phone.

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                            Sorry about your problem. Looks like your issue is more severe than my previous freeze/crash encounter. I agree that rooting the phone is the best solution if you want the most out of it. Not to mention it fixes any known problems automatically and provides exceptional service.


                            P.S. I would though, seek a CSR to get a replacement before doing anything hasty. Good luck

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                              Keyla, I had exactly same problem with my S2 just recently. The phone was only 3 weeks old, got the OTA software update and I decided to postpone it because I had a bad feeling about it.  Finally after the 3rd day, I went ahead with the update.  After 30 minutes and zero progress, I called T-Mobile and they said it could take 2 hours and to let it go overnight.  The next morning no further ahead.  I called back (T-Mobile) who in turn told me to call Samsung direct. They could not reset phone and they told me I needed a replacement device (the phone was a brick).  I called T-Mobile back and I got into a heated argument with them because they would only send out a refurbished, NOT ACCEPTABLE!  I finally got my new phone and was told to update it with the KIES software through Samsung.  That's now done, but I still get the update notification (OTA) and can't get rid of it and so far no one has a solution for a non-rooted phone.

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                                My phone a was not rooted. Download mode consists of plugging the usb in and holding the power and vol down button. This let you use odin to save any software bricked phone. Through you load the orinigal 2.6 updated rom and install. This does not root your phone and in fact if ypu r phone was rooted it will remove root access and reinstall all the unwanted factory bloatware as if the phone came straight from tmo with the update already installed. You can root tje phone after the update however if you choose.

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                                  This is nice to know, I wish Samsung could have told me this nice little bit of info.  They said after a master reset (both volume up and down & pwr button), nothing else could be done.  They also told me that I could not switch the phone into download mode if I could not get away from the white update screen.  I could have kept my origianl phone, bummer!  The only remaining issue is the OTA notication which I can only postpone 1 day at a time, very annoying.

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                                    Hi keyla, I'm definitely sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. But, if the soft reset did not correct the issue you can try pulling the battery, removing the SD card, and rebooting your phone without the SD card. However, if that does not work, your only option will be to perform the master reset with the hardware keys. The following link will provide you with the steps  to complete that process, http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-3034.

                                    Information on your SD card and SIM card will not be lost, but all device information will.

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