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    GPS FAIL. Data FAIL: Samsung Galaxy S 2. SGH-T989

      Help me out here. What am I missing? I've broken this down into GPS symptoms, Data symptoms, Status (settings and such), and Troubleshooting.


      I'm either missing something or this phone is broken. Has anyone else run into this?


      And by the way. Once these two major issues are solved, the phone is fantastic. Everyone seems to be surprised when I mention the SGS2 has GPS issues. Apparently the Galaxy S had problems with GPS and the SGS2 was suppose to have all the corrections.



      GPS Symptoms:

      GPS fails 90% of the time. Will not connect.


      Apps that came with the phone.

      Maps - "Waiting for location" ... "unable to connect to server" ... "your current location is temporarily unavailable"

      Navicagation - "Waiting for Location" ... ... ... no change.

      Places - Waiting for location ... Scanning this area ... Your current location is temporarily unavailable.

      TeleNav GPS Navigator - Select "Drive To" option. Enter address... "No match found for _____ Please try again"


      Data Symptoms:


      Apps that came with phone.

      Web - Always takes me to http://offers.t-mobile.com/tethering/upsell.do?source=pcwebs

      Media Hub - "There is no connection currently available. You need to be connected to the internet to use Media Hub for the first time."

      Netflix - "Netflix is trying to connect to the available network. Connect? Exit?"


      3rd Party Apps

      Facebook -  "No Internet Connection - Try Again"

      Twitter - Loading... ... ... "Cannot retrieve tweets at this time. Try again later"


      Email - All of my email accounts work fine. That's the one positive.

      Note: If I am connected to WiFi, all of the data apps work perfectly. Still no GPS though.



      Bars - 3 to 4


      GPS - ON

      WiFi - OFF

      SIM - 9177


      Mobile Network Settings

      Use Packet Data - Check

      Data Roaming - Check

      Network Mode - GSM/WCDMA (Auto mode)

      Network Operators - Default Setup - Auto


      I've chosen to not "Use Wireless Networks" under the location settings.

      Use GPS satellites - Check

      Use Sensor aiding - Check


      Web Settings

      Clear Cache - done

      Clear History - done

      Clear all cookie data - done

      Clear form data - done

      Clear location access - done


      Model SGH-T989

      Android Version 2.3.6

      Baseband Version T989UVKL1

      Kernel Version

      Build Number GINGERBREAD.UVKL1



      Multiple power cycles.

      Hard reset (remove the battery when phone is on)

      Factory Reset of the phone

      Data reset from T-Mobile tech support.

      Refresh signal sent from T-Mobile tech support.

      Hours on the phone and online chat with T-Mobile tech support.

      Downloaded "GPS Test" from android market. I usually have between 15 and 25 in view. Phone will not connect.

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          One more thing. This morning, the phone gave me an "ER05" error. This has something to do with WiFi calling. After about a minute though, the WiFi icon went from orange to blue. Blue being fine. And I haven't seen it since. This is why I mention which SIM card I have in the phone.

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            I Am sorry to hear your having this problem... ok i thank i can assist you buy entering these fallowing code Notice May No Support Newer Versions

            #*2077# GPRS Switch

            #*2027# GPRS Switch

            #*0227# GPRS Switch

            #*0277# GPRS Switch

            *2767*927# Wap Reset

            #*7288# GPRS Detached/Attached

            #*7287# GPRS Attached

            #*3282# Data Activate/Deactivate


            Reply this message back if it works or does not works

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              Thanks for the reply, markimcclam.


              I tried each of these and none worked.


              "USSD Code Running"

              "Unable to Process Request"


              What should I have expected to see?

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                I have the same problem with GPS.


                It will often work.  But oftentimes, it will not.


                I downloaded a couple of apps,

                1. GPS Status
                2. GPS Essentials


                Of the two, I think GPS Status is a bit more straightforward, but according to battery usage, it seems to use a lot of power even after you've stoped using it.  Both will show you what seems to be a compass rose that they will pepper with the GPS satellites they see.


                When my GPS is not working, as you can expect, neither app shows any satellites visible.


                At this point, all I can do is reboot, and that usually fixes the problem, but I don't know if there's a hardware issue, or a software problem going on.

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                  I'm thinking I may have a hardware issue.


                  Does anyone know if a SIM card could cause this type of joint data/gps failure?

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                    On the one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S was plagued I gather, with GPS hardware issues. Is that right?

                    On the other hand, who knows, there are lots of people with various software fixes for it.


                    Should you exchange phones, it will be very interesting to know happens to your GPS issues.  Continue or go away.


                    At this point, I think I'm going to wait a week or two, see if there is any suggestion of when ICS comes out.  If ICS is coming out within a month, I'll probably wait for ICS in the (probably futile) hope that fixes things.

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                      You are correct about the Galaxy S GPS issues, Jerrya. At least from what I've read and what people at T Mobile and Samsung have said to me when I mention GPS problems on a SGS2.


                      I'll definitely post something if TMO sends me a new phone.


                      Oh and I'm very interested in getting ICS on this guy.

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                        it sounds like your data plan is not configured correctly on your account.  call a customer service rep and have them check your data plan.

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                          I called in to tech support...again. And this time I actually got something new!


                          Settings-> Wireless and network -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names


                          It was unchecked. I've never checked or unchecked this setting.


                          So as of now, the Web search works, News Widget works, Facebook works, Twitter works, Medeia Hub starts up, and Netflix connects.


                          GPS is still not connecting though.

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                            Problem Solved With Me >> The GPS FAIL
                            The Error Msg Was " your current location is temporarily unavailable "

                            i Tried Many Things... Searched The WEB Didnt Get a Fast Solution..... Let Me Say The Solve Before u Get Bored

                            i Just Uninstalled Advanced Task Killer Pro And Restarted The Mobile And Run Google Map & The GPS IS WORKING !!!

                            It Seems Advanced Task Manager Killer Pro Was Killing The GPS Cuz i Downloaded a GPS TEST And Didnt Give Me a Pulse lol....

                            It Worked For Me... i Heared Ppl Saying They Restored The Phone And Still Didnt Work... Well Give a GO And Tell Us Wat Happened With u

                            1 More Thing... Make Sure u Turn Off Ur Power Saving Too....

                            Feed So The Other Can Know Plz
                            Thanks Have a Great Time !!