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If you still having problems w/G2, did you get the last update?

If you are still having reboot problems or if you are still losing pictures in your gallery then I think some folks may not have gotten the last OTA system update from tmoble that fixed these problems for me and others. The latest update came out a few months ago.


Some may have seen the update on their phone and disregarded it. So I suggest that you look and make sure you have the latest software update. Look under settings and then about phone and then look at your build number, if it does not say "2.16.531.5 CL159515 release-keys" then you do not have the latest up date from T-Mobile. Then you should call tmobile and have them push the update to your phone.


Also you can go to settings then to about phone then to system updates and you might see the update waiting there. If you bought your phone from a third party and not from tmobile, then you should check your build number and if you have a rooted (jail broken) phone, then you should go to xda.com and ask for help.