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    How to enable Visual Voicemail?

      I tried to search the this forum and the web but there aren't really the good answers I can find.  I have enabled Visual Voicemail on my T-Mobile account (I can see it in the list of Services). But after I downloaded and installed the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app from the Market, it kept saying "Your subscription cannot be completed at this time. Please visit my.t-mobile.com". I'm using the Google Nexus S.  Do I need to call the T-Mobile rep to enable/activate Visual Voicemail?




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          Hitnguyendsm! Yes please call customer service so they can check for the VVM service in your account. However since Nexus S is not a T-Mobile branded phone, please take note of the following.


          • Some T-Mobile branded apps are not 100% compatible with the Nexus S Phone
            • T-Mobile branded apps include My Account, HotSpot Connect, Visual Voicemail, Mobile Backup, AppPack, Sherpa, and FreshFace.
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            Thanks cristina! I will call the rep. Hopefully Visual Voicemail is supported on the Nexus S.  I bought it because it was offered for T-Mobile Network only at the time.

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              Your're very much welcome. Just let me know the result of your call to Customer Care. Have a good day!

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                It's a no go . The customer service rep activated Visual Voice Mail on my account, and it's been about 3 hours. The app is still not working. Maybe it's not supported on the Nexus S. I have updated it to Ice Cream Sandwich, not sure if that's causing it to not working. Hope it's fixed for support on the Nexus S in the future.

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                  I am so sorry to hear that the Visual Voicemail is not working on your phone. One thing I'd like to let you know is that VVM is not supportedwith Prepaid accounts. So if you have prepaid, that might be the reason. Hopefully yes T-Mobile would be able to fully support VVM application on the Nexus S but for the mean time try some third party apps on the Market that will allow you to use VVM.

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                    I hope those T-Mo branded apps are not taking valuable memory on the phones that don't even support them


                    Bad enough the useless T-Mo apps that work, but I have no interest in, that are on my phone that can't be removed (without rooting, at least)


                    But to have prescious memory taken up by apps that can't work? Just hope they aren't installed on there.


                    The MyTouch 4G can use VVM. And it came preinstalled. (though, one CSR had me add another VVM app when I had a problem, and refused to troubleshoot the included app. That problem went away when I had my handset warranty replaces) My guess is if it's not pre-installed, it's not supported on that model phone