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    no service on nokia astound

      no service on nokia astound

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          What is Tmobile going to do about it?  I got my Nokia Astound before I left for Europe in August, had this kind of problem since day 1, been going back & forth at the Tmobile store, they'll just do some tweeking, the phone would be fine for a week or so and then back to no signal and no network available.  Is Tmobile hearing these complaints?  Hello, Tmobile, hello!  Can't use my phone, no signal and no network available!

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            My phone started doing the same thing last night for absolutely no reason. How did they fix it?

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              has the issue been resolved?  the best bet is to call into Tmobile tech support they can do some troubleshooting.  Please call into support on another line other than the phone in question.




              Tmobile Support

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                Well, funny you recommend talking with support. They want me to purchase a new phone for $20 plus s+h. I have had problems with this phone from the first month I have owned it and they have never been able to or willing to do anything about it. TMOBILE used to have great customer service and would stand behind their products but I guess they decided to jump on the bandwagon of selling crappy products and giving a "who cares" attitude to customers in need that have been loyal to them for 10 years!!! I guess I just need to move onto a company that will support their products... Hmmm... pretty sure that does not exist in cell world.


                My phone still malfunctions at least 8-10 times on a daily basis, between freezing, rebooting for no reason on its own, not allowing me to open texts and instead showing a number sequence only... Need I go on. And TMOBILE wants me to buy a new phone b/c their product was a lemon to begin with?!?! Anyone else have these same issues?