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    Wifi turning off on its own (G2 on GB 2.3.4)

      My phone is acting up a lot lately, I can't figure out what exactly is the cause to it.

      I've just factory reseted the phone, still the same issue persists. Whenever I turn my wifi on, from anywhere, it turns itself back off in a minute or two. Never actually connects to any network. If I restart it, it might work fine for few hours.


      On top of that, it's doing a random restarts on it own. Right before I did a factory reset it restarted on its own continuesly atleast 5 times.


      Very frustrating. I can't pin point which app/system/file is doing that. I even wiped off my sdcard to pinpoint the issue.


      Anyone else have the same issue? Any solution to this?


      It's not a wifi sleep policy issue, I've checked.

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