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    Backorder White Galaxy S II

      I'm pretty peeved at T-MO right now. 


      I called yesterday to cancel my accounts since we have no signal at our home.  We've been told for the past two years that plans are in the works to build a new tower near us (which is crazy since we live in Kansas City and the current population is around 5 million) but that still has not happened. 


      Instead of cancelling, they sell me on this new amazing phone, the Galaxy S II, which has wifi calling and they've assured me will correct the problem.  I go back and forth with them several times, get a good discount, and agree.  They tell me the phone will be here on Friday (12/30).  This morning, I wake up to a text message stating the phone is on backorder with NO estimated date of availability.  WTH??  Seriously, the reps could not see that during our 60 minute call yesterday??


      Anyone know when the phones should be back in stock??