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    G2 Screen Help!

      While I was using my G2, just playing around with it and stuff. I found out that parts of the screen wouldn't work. Such as the pattern lock for security. I couldn't do certain patterns because I'm not able to slide on specific parts of the screen. With the Pin Code lock Im unable to use certain numbers because when i tap on a number it wont go or show up. On the main page of the G2 where the google search is. Im unable to use the calculater, the clock, gmail, the camera, and etc. Sometimes I would have to rotate the screen to use one of the apps. Or even having to flip open the phone. Basically, I can't use some parts of the screen I guess? I would have to rotate the screen, flip open the phone, or go to the launcher icon to access somethings sometimes. Please help me asap!


      Thank You [:

      Nguyen, Tommy