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    Can't seem to get Sprint 9930 to access BIS

      First of all, I know this is a CDMA device but I've unlocked it, and I'm supposed to be able to use BIS on it with EDGE.


      But after having spent the whole day today trying to set it up both on "my T-mobile" and through T-mobile chat Customer Service, nobody can register my Blackberry with T-mobile.


      When I type in my PIN and IMEI on the Email & Text Tools on myT-mobile, it says "unable to log in...."


      When I go to the "Host routing table" and press on register now, it says registration message sent, but I never got any reply message back.


      When a T-mo rep tried to send the service books to my device, she couldn't do it. Later she said she was aware of an issue getting unlocked Blackberries to work on T-mobile BIS.


      I really want to set up BIS and use BBM, help please guys? Thank you!!!!

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