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Samsung galaxy s2 or Iphone 4s (both on tmobile)

hey guys i have a quick question, i currently own an htc phone for about 6 months now, and i kinda hate it. Battery dies out fast, its slow at times,  and it randomly drops signal out of no where. im due for an upgrade. im wondering should i get a galaxy s2 or an iphone 4s? either or will be on tmobile so give me some thoughts about that. if you say which please give a simple descpriton on why so i can choose better. thanks.

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    An iOs phone is great but on T-mobile you will be running it at 2G or Edge speeds. If you are on Wi-Fi most of the time and not using much of the  downloading through T-mobile's connection then 4S is better. Otherwise a SGS2 is any day better with its 4 G speed.

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    the iPhone will get you EDGE only for the internet....  Only reason I would consider iPhone is if you don't get internet with T-Mobile.... then yeah...

    I used to have iPhone 3GS on T-Mobile, but didn't have internet service.... now I got internet service, so I got a SGS2...

    I like the phone, I love the bigger screen... (when I take my iPhone in my hand, it's so tiny and the screen way smaller)...  However I see you mentioned battery life.... one thing about SGS2 is that battery does not last long...

    With my iPHone, I had bluetooth and WiFi on all the time, listened to iPod alot and at end of day still had half battery left (and this is on a 2 year old iPhone with original battery)..

    The SGS2, it can get you one day, but you need to turn off wifi, bluetooth, etc....

    WIth the new update which added wifi calling to SGS2, I noticed battery improvement, so I am happy...


    In conclusion, for me it was no brainer to go with SGS2, because of 4G compared to Edge (on T-Mobile Network)....  try u sing EDGE.... it's worse than dial-up.... grrrrrr... rather not use it... LOL


    Just my 2 cents....

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    well, a few more things about SGS2... I'm getting used to Android, but one thing I noticed since I got the SGS2 (over a month now)... is that I keep getting a bunch of calls from all over US with junk... and also text messages...

    T-Mobile... what are you doing?  Selling our numbers to scammers?

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    abelgs2 that might be from an app that you installed which got a hold of your information.


    I would call CS and tell them your getting unwanted phone calls and spam text messages. usaully they can take care of stuff like that.

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    I don't know... but now they got a hold of my phone number and they will give it to others etc.... I get text messages at 3 AM, 4AM... it's crazy...

    I'm on the DO NOT CALL LIST.... how can they call and get away with it?  I guess some of the Market APPS has in small print that they will sell your number and can call and text you all they want, when they want????  This is messed up....

    THinking to go back to iPhone... had no issues there.

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    FYI - Most of the Apps in the Android market have much lower functionality than the apps for iOs. Additionally the apps on the Android market have horrible privacy conditions which can't be changed. Most of them want access to your personal information including contact list even when they have nothing to do with the App's functionality. I have removed most of the App and plan to use my SGS2 only to read e-mails. But for all purposes I will be running it in a hot spot mode and use my Ipad2 for accessing Apps.

    If you run the SGS2 on 2G then the battery life is not as bad.

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    man, not to mention all the adds on all their free apps....

    There is a way to disable 4g while not in use?!

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    Most of the day I have it on: Settings--->wireless and network--->Mobile networks-->Network mode GSM only.

    If I have to surf or start a hotspot -->Settings--->wireless and network--->Mobile networks-->Network mode - GSM/ WCDMA.

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    So the GSM only setting is a 2g or edge?