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    no service for 5 days and counting

      I live in the northeast where  the day before Halloween we had this freaky snowstorm. Not much snow accumulation where I live but what there was  was wet and heavy. That weight on the trees that still had leaves caused a lot of tree damage. Power lines down, that kind of thing.

      So here we are now 5 days later and TMobile is the only major company in this  area unable to provide service.

      ATT, Sprint, Verizon --all are up and functioning. 


      One local TMobile shop is closed. The other one is at a major mall. It is open but can offer no answers as to why they are still down or when they might be functional again.


      I do understand that this was an unusual weather event. What I don't get is that Verizon, ATT & Sprint have all been able to get their service up and running while TMobile is still down 5 days later.


      If I had a fire or a medical emergency I would have  no way to call for help. No wait, that''s wrong! I could run to the neighbor who is using Verizon.


      If all cell phone providers were unable to provide service that would be one thing. But when only the one is uable to provide service

      I think a customer should be able to opt out of a contract without having to pay early termination fees. If both parties of an agreement do not hold up their end of the bargain the contract should be null and void. 



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          I sympathize with the fact that you have no service, however T-Mobile is not at fault for incremental weather causing the problem.  The fact that 3 other carriers are up and running has no bearing on your problem or your solution.


          If you want to know when service will be back on in your area, then call T-Mobile.


          If you look into your contract with T-Mobile, there is mention of such outages and T-Mobile not being at fault.  Simply put, you signed up with T-Mobile and you are bound by their terms, so opting out for an early termination due to bad weather does not entitle you to no early termination fees.

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            You need to  read my post a little more carefully.


            You wrote: "If you want to know when service will be back on in your area , then CALL T-Mobile".


            HOW would you like me to calll them if I don't have any service?????


            I assume from your comments that you are an employee of tmobile, correct?

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              Employee?  Absolutely not.  As far as calling T-Mobile, you stated that you had a neighbor who uses Verizon.  If you can use their phone for an emergency, I'm sure you could use it to contact T-Mobile.

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                First off I will reply re: using neighbors phone to call t-mobile. Absolutely correct. However multiple attempts to call t-mobile were non productive. Never could get contact with a real person.


                Continuing problems with this phone. Snow storm came and went. Lost 4G and ended up with only 1 or 2 bars showing.  Finally able to get past all the downed trees to day to get to a t-mobile shop.  They could not pinpoint problems with phone. Called tech support @ tmobile where it was suggested that the sim card be replaced. That done, now had 140 contacts listed rather than the 70 previously listed. For whatever reason entire contact list was duplicated but did now have 4G connection.


                None of my email connections would now work altho networks,  login and pw were still available. Only suggestion from tmobile personnel was to change all logins and pw with the proviso that doing so would delete any previously saved email correspondence.  No web connection available either.


                I think it realistic to say at this point that there is a problem with the samsung galaxy. Normally I would think I just happen to get a lemon but this would be the seond one if that were the case. First one replaced when it was determined that the device would not work correctly.


                it should be stated that I have been a t-mobile customer since it's inception. For that reason it is not t-mobile with whom I have a beef but rather this phone. If there is a complaint it's that I have not been offered a replacement for a model that would appear to have some serious issues.


                Like anyone else I do not want to have to pay  an early termination fee and switch to another carrier. I just want a phone that will work as it should.

                Contacted samsung to see if they could identify problems with this model but after being on hold for 20 min. gave up.

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                  I think T Mobile should deduct and amount from our bill for the days we don't have service! My problem appears to be connected with this massive storm we had yesterday.  It's Xmas Eve and I need my phone!

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                    Sorry to hear about your problem.

                    Agree with you regarding re-imbursement for lack of service but they do not do reimbursements. As I had reported back in Nov. we had a power outage that involved, in my case 5 days without service. All T-Mobile shops were down also, as in, closed.  Yet T-Mobile's response was essentially, too bad so sad.


                    I have been a T-Mobile customer for 6 yrs and have watched the service deteriorate pretty drastically since the advent of smart phones.  Have no idea the reason but many others in this area with similar complaints.  To clarify I'm not in the boondocks but rather in Ct about an hour drive from NYC.


                    If/when I find a buyer for this phone I will split with T-Mobile even tho it is going to cost me.  As a cell phone only user I need dependable service.  This is not it!!!


                    Know anyone who wants to buy a Galaxy S?

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                      Yes, it's a crime! I did get reimbursed for 4 days of lost service, but this is the 5th day! I see no excuse not to fix a tower outage by now.  I am seriously thinking of going for the Walmart Straight talk plan.  I am really disgusted!

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                        I clearly understand how you feel. I had sort of hoped that ATT would take over tmobile thus giving me an opportunity to leave without extra cost.  But apparently that's not going to happen.


                        Really never planned on switching to Verizon but if you're like me and only use a cell phone then it has to be attached to a service on which you can depend.  Alto this recent problem is the worst I've experienced it's clearly not the first problem, or second or third etc.  I would wish that it would be the last but past experience suggests otherwise.