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    video convertor

      does anyone know a good video convertor program? thanks

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          What sort of video are you looking to convert to? The Tab's videos are in .mp4 format, which is one of the most universal video types (can be played on apple, pc, android, etc...)


          Or are you looking to put videos on the Tab? If you are looking to do that, there are a few free converters out there you can use. Handbrake is great if you use a Mac. If you use a PC, try out some of the converters over on download.cnet.com

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            I'm looking to put videos on my TAb. I have some that are .wmv. I used to use handbrake for my ipad, but the hand break, i couldn't find a setting for the tab.

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              The ipad setting should work. Just make sure that it is set for .mp4 as the output since the Tab uses that. It also uses WMV9, WMV7, WMV8, H.264(this is the format I use-works on my mac, pc and android), MPEG4, Xvid, H.263 and VP8.


              I use two converters myself: Cucosoft (pay for converter, but it works very well) and Handbrake.

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                cool, thanks for your help man. I will try handbrake later.


                As a side question, are you using the Kies software from samsung to transfer all your files, (i.e. music, photos, video)


                i was using it over the weekend and it was EXTRMEMELY slow. i have an i7 laptop, so dont know why it took so long to use the program and transfer file.


                thanks again for your help.

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                  No problem.


                  I don't use KIES. I've tried it and wasn't a big fan of it.


                  Since I don't like using KIES, I go about transfers a different way. I do them all through my PC because I can just open two windows (one for content, the other is the TAB) drag and drop the files I want into their respected folders.


                  My Mac doesn't even see my TAB. But, I do have access to dropbox and such, so I can always upload to my cloud and then download it on the device. Kinda takes a little longer, but you don't have to deal with KIES. I also do the 'copy onto a memory card and then paste that in my PC to transfer to the TAB'.